Dancers hired for 30,000 passengers stuck at airport

Apr 26, 2012, 01:38 IST | Agencies

Chinese airport officials arranged girls to dance and entertain more than 30,000 passengers stranded at Dalian airport due to fog and strong winds.

Thick fog and strong winds have delayed flights for more than 30,000 passengers at an airport in the northeastern Chinese city of Dalian in the past three days, local authorities said today.

Hundreds of flights were delayed or cancelled due to thick fog on Monday and Tuesday at the Dalian airport, an airport spokesman said.

Young cheerleaders were arranged to dance at the airport to soothe stranded passengers, official media in Beijing reported.

The fog dispersed this morning, but it was followed by strong winds, which again disrupted flights and left up to 10,000 passengers stranded.

The airport resumed normal operation by 3:30 pm after the wind abated, the spokesman said.

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