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Sep 20, 2013, 07:44 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

So, news comes in from London of the Anil Agarwal wedding festivities

>> So, news comes in from London of the Anil Agarwal wedding festivities. Not only did the NRI billionaire have Sir Elton John entertain his guests at one of the functions we’re told, but also we hear SRK and Katrina did the honours on another evening.

Elton John

And according to one guest, the highlight was when Agarwal himself (the father of the bride) got on stage and did a little jig of his own. He made up in enthusiasm what he lacked in choreography according to an onlooker!

Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan

Four generations
>> “My mother turned 90 on September 16 and there was a grand party for family members and a few close friends at her eldest grandson Rajdeep’s home,” writes the feisty Nandini Sardesai, about her mother, the elegant Kamal, daughter of Sir Gurunath Bewoor, the first Indian to be appointed Postmaster general in British India and the first MD of Air India, in independent India.

Shonali, Kamal with Aman, Nandini and Sagarika

“Kamal has three great grandchildren: Ishan and Tarini are Rajdeep’s children and my daughter, Sonali, a senior social scientist with the World Bank has just had a son, Aman. So, the picture you see spans 90 years!” says the proud martriach Sardesai. We like!

The Aga Khan comes to town
>> And now that he has visited Delhi, the spiritual leader of the 20 million Shia Imami Ismaili community, Prince Shah Karim Al Husseini Aga Khan aka The Aga Khan will be visiting Mumbai where a majority of his followers reside.

His trip next week will include a reception hosted by the Governor, where leading Mumbaikars will be afforded the opportunity to meet the dapper international statesman, who resides in London. Incidentally, we are informed that his handsome son who accompanied him to Delhi will not be making it to Mumbai.

Puzzling euphemism
>> Oh dear. The consumer electronics billionaires who have been on this page before for their penchant for attractive female company have another issue on their hands. Word comes in that one of their relatives (a politician to boot) has been accused by a woman of sexual misconduct. When our source called to enquire last week about the incident, which has been reported by the language press from a member of the clan, he was informed that the problem has been “taken care of” and that it was an attempt at blackmail. Sure enough, a Google search to discover more about this elicited nothing. Now we are left wondering what the ominous sounding ‘taken care of’ alludes to.

Hack on a roll
>> Whether it’s her informed and analytical review of Madras Café for Firstpost.com, or her exclusive interview with Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa for the German newspaper Die Welt, or her dispatches from Srinagar of Zubin Mehta’s concert for the HT and Sonntagszeitung of Switzerland, or her rousing Facebook posts about her latest gym technique or tango flourish, we just can’t keep up with friend and fellow hack from Delhi, Padma Rao Sundarji (in pic).

Now, in her beloved Sri Lanka (“Just can’t have enough of this country...” ) when we inquired about her excellent run of writing recently, she said: “I don’t know about excellent, but since I frequently get slammed by both chauvinist Tamils as well as Sinhalas, I must be doing something right!”

Salaam Mumbai: What will Raghu wear today?
Ever since he took over as Governor of the Reserve Bank and has been made conscious of how profoundly his looks contribute to the health of the Indian economy and the strength of the rupee, poor Raghuram Rajan has been in a deep quandary about what to wear to work. Yesterday, we chanced upon the dapper ‘Guv’ at a famous Colaba tailoring establishment, weeping into the bales of polyester suiting fabric while a clutch of his top officers wrung their hands in despair. His distress was understandable.

Today, he will be announcing his much awaited first monetary policy review. “What to wear, what not to wear,” we overheard him moaning to Ashok, the tailor, as he held his handsome head in despair. “Sir, everything looks good on you,” said the sympathetic tailor. “You only have to ask.” “But you don’t understand,” said the man handpicked by the PM to fix the Indian economy. “According to India’s leading journalists, my appearance has a direct impact on the economy! Dark suit? Sensex down by 200 points.

Khatam! Red blue and white tie — a secret thumbs up to Ben and his gang for their surprise decision on Wednesday — but a hint that inflation will be unchecked. As for kurta pajama — don’t even ask! The ‘Davos wallahs’ will hang themselves!” he moaned. The tailor pursed his lips in sympathy, “Yes, it is a serious problem saab,” he said gloomily. "What to do?”

Then Ashok tailor had a brainwave: “Why don’t you wear this invisible garment?” he said, holding up a vestment that no one could see. “You can’t see it, I know, but the country and all its leading financial journalists will be dazzled at the meeting.”

Raghuram Rajan walked out of the shop a happy man. So, you can imagine his dismay, this morning when he stepped into his office and the tickertapes were already forming the headlines: “The economy has no clothes!”   

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