'Dangerous Ishhq' - Movie review

May 12, 2012, 07:16 IST | Shaheen Parkar

First things first � the film has been made to showcase Karisma Kapoor and her skills

That even after a few years of being away from the silver screen, she can get into the character of a high-living supermodel to that of a character from hundreds of years ago in history with as much ease. Whether in a mini or a ghagra choli, she can pack a punch. In this attempt, the rest perhaps could be overlooked. Call it cinematic liberties when the big attraction is Karisma’s comeback to Bollywood.

Director Vikram Bhatt’s fascination for past life regression and 3D finds prominence in his film penned by Amin Hajee (who also wrote Haunted). Sanjana (Karisma) is a supermodel, who chucks up an opportunity to be on the international fashion map by working in Paris to save her kidnapped lover Rohan (Rajneish Duggal).

She takes it on her to find the perpetrators and in due course finds herself going back to her pichle janam, which the ACP (Jimmy Sheirgill) solving the case finds weird. And on every such trip she finds the people responsible for the crime. Simply told, she and her love are being kept apart from each other due to certain bad people. So every time she goes deep into flashback, she is also criss-crossing history — from the times of Partition to the Mughal era well as doing an honour act of the Rajputs.

Yes, there is a definite story in this one. But the events that unfold are clearly explained why it happens leaving little for the viewer to imagine. If there had been a mystery element in the past life regressions, there could have been some suspense in the tale. If only the viewer had not been told about her every move in explicit detail.

Karisma has worked hard and it shows. She has put in great efforts to get into the various avatars of her character even though she has no big guns of Bollywood as her co-stars. That is laudable to take a risk for her comeback film.

At times though it appears that Rajneish appears intimidated with Karisma’s presence as his co-star. Divya Dutta and Ravi Kissen do their supporting bits for the tale that has no twist.
Dangerous Ishhq could have been a better watch had it also been more tightly edited. It is too long and drags at many points. Watch this for Karisma alone and if you are a fan of 3D effects. 

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