Darshan's bail plea rejected to avoid interference in case

Sep 21, 2011, 07:07 IST | Imran Gowhar

Actor's wife informed court about reconciling; bail denied to avoid possibility of the accused influencing witnesses

Actor's wife informed court about reconciling; bail denied to avoid possibility of the accused influencing witnesses

Film star Darshan Tugudeep celebrity status seems to have worked to his disadvantage, as the session court denied him bail yesterday, citing that he could influence witnesses in the case to derail investigations.

Vijayalakshmi appeared in court yesterday and said that
she is considering reconciling with her husband Darshan

After the First Additional Metropolitan Magistrate rejected his bail plea, Darshan moved the plea to the first principal City Civil and Sessions Court.
To support her husband's bail plea, Vijayalakshmi stated before the court that she is considering reconciliation.

However, the court denied bail on grounds that the offence committed by the actor was serious in nature and that he would use influence to derail the ongoing investigations.

Public prosecutor S C Agasimani, argued that Darshan has shown cruelty by inflicting grave injuries to his wife.
He said, "The actor is booked under section 307 (attempt to murder) of the IPC, which is very serious in nature.
As the investigation is still under progress, there is every chance that the accused may pressurise witnesses and obstruct the investigation. Therefore, the accused could not be granted the bail."

Meanwhile, Darshan's counsel Venkata Reddy said that they would move the High Court today questioning the court's order.
It may be recalled that the First ACMM court had denied the actor bail on September 13.

With yesterday's development, Darshan has been forced to remain in judicial custody till September 22 and in all likelihood, custody could be extended since he has not got bail.

Cascading effect
Though Vijayalakshmi is now running from pillar to post to get her husband freed, in her complaint earlier she stated that Darshan used to torture her whenever she objected to him mingling with other women.

She stated that while she was in Switzerland with her husband during a movie shoot, he used to mingle with female crewmembers.

"When I objected, he got enraged and threatened to throw our nine month old son from the window of the hotel room," she said.

Vijayalakshmi said that she was beaten with a slipper and ordered to go back to her parent's home after discovering Darshan's alleged affair with co-star Nikita.

"I was beaten up several times and have been treated at various hospitals across the city for the injuries. But I did not file a complaint thinking about his career," Vijayalakshmi said in her complaint.

Seeking help!
"Unable to bear the harassment, I approached Shivraj Kumar to intervene and advise Darshan.

That did not help and Darshan found out and beat me up in front of his family members shouting that I was defaming him in front of his colleagues," she added.

Vijayalakshmi also said that Darshan forced her to call up several persons including Nikita and demean herself to avenge the alleged humiliation she had allegedly caused him.

Vijayalakshmi also alleged in her complaint that apart from beating her, her husband used to assault her mother also.

The issue came to a head on November 3 when Darshan came to her friend's house in an inebriated condition and dragged her into his car and started hitting her, burning her with cigarette buts and biting her face and right ear.

She also said that Darshan took her back to her friend's house and in a fit of rage he lifted his son up by the neck and threatened to kill him.
He even pulled out a loaded licensed gun and threatened to shoot her, after which the cops were alerted.

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