Darwin's theory inspires play

May 17, 2014, 12:02 IST | Hassan M Kamal

The play, Intruders In Darwin’s Nest takes cues from Charles Darwin’s theory on evolution, and turns it into a thriller, where four thieves battle for their survival  

Formed just over a year ago, Ashima Theatre Group is one of the newest entries into Mumbai’s theatre circuit. Led by actor-director Mayank Singh, the group’s upcoming show, Intruders in Darwin’s Nest is an exciting play to catch.

Set for its premiere show today, the play is based on English scientist, Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, says Singh, who is directing the play and is acting in it, too. “This Hindi thriller tells the story of four robbers, who are on the run from the police after robbing a bank. The four take shelter in an isolated shack where most of the action takes place,” he says.

The cast of the play, Intruders In Darwin’s Nest

Singh adds that Darwin spoke about survival of the fittest in his theory of Natural Selection. Taking a note from that, the play looks at how the selection could be either because of power or just pure luck.

Singh says that the entire play is staged in a single act within an isolated shack. “Inside the shack, the four robbers fight for survival among themselves, and resist the dangers lurking around as well as in the shack. It’s about who will survive and how,” he adds.

The Hindi thriller is the third production of the group, the first two being — Takhayuur and Das Pressen, staged a few months ago to full houses. Singh expects a similar response this time. “The writer of the play, Kamil Kosambia (also a cast member), has done a brilliant job with this thriller. Despite it being a one-hour long play, with just one act, the play entertains the audience constantly. The audience would love it,” he adds.

The cast of the play includes Nitish Kumar, Abhaya Mishra, Sarang Seksaria, Kamil Kosambia, Silky Agarwal and Singh.

On Today, 7.30 pm
At Mysore Association, 393, Bhaudaji Road, Matunga Road. CALL 8879819849 
Entry Rs 150

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