Date wars between Akshay and Ajay

Jan 21, 2014, 11:50 IST | Bharati Dubey

With Aamir Khan’s 'Peekay' postponed, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn are set for a clash as they eye the same release date for their movies... 

Latest news has it that Aamir Khan starrer 'Peekay' will no longer release on June 6; instead it will release on Christmas day.

Ajay Devgn on the sets of 'Action Jackson'
Ajay Devgn on the sets of 'Action Jackson'

Cashing in on the situation, both Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar now want to release their films on June 6. It maybe recalled here that the initial release date of both the films -- Devgn’s 'Action Jackson' and Akshay Kumar’s 'Holiday' -- was May 1; however, it looks like the two will fight it out on June 6.

Akshay Kumar on the sets of 'Holiday'
Akshay Kumar on the sets of 'Holiday'

Surprising considering that Ajay had earlier requested the producers of Akshay’s film to postpone their release so that they can avert a clash.

When contacted, Sanjeev Lamba, CEO, Reliance Entertainment confirmed this. He said, “Ajay had requested that I move the release date of our film Holiday from May 1. So when we heard that 'Peekay' was no longer releasing on June 6, we decided to slot our release accordingly. We were not aware that now Ajay has shifted his film Action Jackson to the same day.”

Sunil Lulla, the distributor and producer for Action Jackson, said he was not aware of any clash. He said, “As far as I know, Holiday was releasing on May 1. In fact, we had a discussion with Ajay Devgn last week and it was mutually decided that our film would release on June 6.”

Whether it is a case of misunderstanding or done on purpose, the Ajay-Akshay clash seems inevitable now.

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