Dawn fitness parties have arrived and Mumbaikars are loving it

Apr 10, 2016, 08:00 IST | Phorum Dalal

Dawn fitness parties are here in Mumbai (finally). We attended one and came back saying, it's worth a try

It's 6.30 am on a Sunday and there's a long queue outside Radio Bar, a popular lounge in Khar. The crowd doesn't look like it has survived an after party. Instead of stilettos, they have sneakers on and dryfits have replaced LBDs. There are no bouncers around to stamp your wrist, and entry is free.

Three-hundred people from across the city have ditched a sleep-in to converge for Dawntrekker, a morning fitness party, organised by Gymtrekker (an online portals for fitness centres). Near the entrance stand stalls selling health snacks — kale chips, muesli, bars and smoothies. All you get at the bar is flavoured water. At 7 am, the first session with yoga instructor Mickey Mehta is about to begin.

The sessions, conducted by some of the city's top fitness instructors, are held once every Sunday at Radio Bar. Pics/Sameer Markande
The sessions, conducted by some of the city's top fitness instructors, are held once every Sunday at Radio Bar. Pics/Sameer Markande

The 20-minute session, where he helps participants align the yin and yang and the sun and moon, ensures that the last vestiges of sleep are lost. But, it's really the EDM zumba session that follows that gets the party started. Dawn parties have been picking up across the world ever since New York gave its thumbs-up to the trend a few years ago. And what New York likes, Mumbai will adore.

At Radio Bar, the crowd has been divided into three — outdoor, indoor and basement. Among those sweating it out in style for the aerobics and insanity workout conducted by Temperance, are Vidhi Desai and Unnati Naik, who have just completed their Std X examinations. "We thought this would be a great party to attend. Of course, we are not allowed into clubs at night," they say, rushing for an aerobics workout.

And it's not just Bandra and Juhu denizens. Pravesh Gupta has made his way from Kharghar, trying his best to keep pace with the aerobics instructor, missing a step only when there is no room. "I have been planning to start a routine fitness work out, and today's sessions will help me decide what works best for me," says Gupta, who doesn't reveal his age, but looks in his early 40s.

Participants take part in a yoga session, conducted by Mickey Mehta
Participants take part in a hot yoga session conducted by 'Mandeep Hot Yoga'

We head to the basement where a hot yoga session by Mandeep Kaur is increasing the sweat pool. "The high temperature ensures you don't get any injuries, so push yourselves a bit more," she says. Manthan Thakkar, Firoze Attarwala and Hardik Mehta follow. "It was pretty tough. However, we are glad the sessions are not simplified," says Mehta.

Touch with a little FOMO, I head to a yoga class. 'Breathe in and bend backward, breathe out and bend forward. Take your right leg back and look up,' the yoga teacher instructs us through surya namaskar. Head up, my eyes spot a Jack Daniels, Bombay Saphire, Glen Fiddich… 'Take your left leg back and make a mountain pose. Touch your knees, stomach and forehead to the ground. And rise up in Bhujangasan.' Now a bottle of Campari, Black Dog and Absolut come into view.

Where only six hours ago, people would have been gulping their last drink before (hopefully) hailing a cab or calling their driver, now are people losing control to another high.

Where: Radio Bar, Guru Gangeshwar Marg, Khar
Wnen: One Sunday every month
Log on to: http://www.gymtrekker.com/dawntrekker for the next party

Also at Asilo
Last Sunday, Lower Parel's lounge Asilo too hosted its first ever healthy morning party, Wonderise. What started with EDM music by DJ Roanne Acey, was followed by Zumba workouts by Sucheta Pal and other dances by BreakBeat. The next session will be held on May 15

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