Dawood's kin turns to MNS for help

Oct 17, 2011, 07:15 IST | Akela

Haseena Parkar's mother-in-law Jaitoon approaches MLA Ram Kadam to complain against her North Indian neighbours

Haseena Parkar's mother-in-law Jaitoon approaches MLA Ram Kadam to complain against her North Indian neighbours.

When it comes to settling personal matters, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's kin could just rely on the "fame" he has earned the family.

But not for Jaitoon Mohammad Parkar, the mother-in-law of the gangster's sister Haseena Parkar. Jaitoon preferred to seek help from local MNS leader Ram Kadam instead, to protect herself from her young north Indian neighbours who have allegedly been harassing her and other residents of her area.

Harassed and tortured: Jaitoon Mohammad Parkar claims that she
visited Raj Thackeray's residence at Shivaji Park, but could not meet him

Since Kadam was not in the office his personal assistant, Nitin Mandalik, noted her complaint.

"Jaitoon, who claimed to be the mother-in-law of Haseena Parkar, has approached us with a complaint. I have forwarded it to Saheb (Kadam). Her complaint has been taken into consideration," confirmed Mandalik.

Kadam, who once slapped Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi in Maharashtra Assembly in 2009, has agreed to extend his support to help the 80-year-old widow and has promised to do whatever he can, provided it is within the purview of the law.

Jaitoon said that she had approached the Ghatkopar police station on several occasions, but they did not pay heed to her complaints. Fed up with the lackadaisical attitude of the cops, last Friday morning, Jaitoon, a residence of Maru Miyan Chawl, near Pankeshaw Baba dargah, Ghatkopar (West), knocked the doors of Kadam's office in the same suburb.

"They (Haseena's family) are big people. But I prefer to approach local leaders who are closer. We are sure our
complaint will be heard by them," said Jaitoon when this reporter asked her why she had not approached Haseena for help.

However, she did not hesitate from using Parkar's reference when she visited Kadam's office. She introduced herself as the mother-in-law of Haseena Parkar.

They're family
Showing some of her photographs with Haseena Parkar and her husband Ibrahim, Jaitoon said, "I am Haseena's mother-in-law, but I have never misused her name. I approached Kadam demanding action against a bunch of north Indians who are creating nuisance in my area. They are harassing and torturing the locals to grab their kholis (rooms)," she said.

She alleged that 14 of her neighbours, both men and women from north India, are involved in illegal activities such as physical acts of violence against the residents of her area, so as to seize their property.

Said Kadam, "Anyone can approach me. My office is open 24 hours to needy people. I will help them."

Jaitoon even claimed to have visited Rajgarh, Raj Thackeray's residence at Shivaji Park, but could not meet him.

Dawood's family
Father: Ibrahim Kaskar (dead)
Mother: Amina bi Kaskar (dead)
Wife: Mehjabeen aka Zubeena Zareen
Father-in-law: Salim Kashmiri

Shabbir (dead)
Anees, Noor-ul-Haq alias Noora (dead), Iqbal Kaskar,
Mushtaqeen and Humayun

Mumtaz, Haseena Parkar, Saeeda, Farzana and Zaitoon 

Mahrukh (married to Junaid, son of former Pakistan cricketer Javed Miandad)
Mehreen, Moeen and

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