Day 19 and 20 on 'Bigg Boss 6'

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The housemates squabble with each other over eviction nominations, celebrate 'Bakra Eid' in the house

Sayantani Ghosh gets evicted and bids adieu to all the housemates. Being the third eviction, the housemates start feeling the heat. Delnaaz & Sapna are the most upset over Sayantani’s exit. The housemates hug each other and move back into the house.

Photos: Day 19 and 20 on Bigg Boss 6

Bigg Boss 6

Sapna is furious with Salman Khan post her interaction with him, and vents out her frustration on Delnaaz and Aseem. She stresses on the fact that just because he is the host, he has no right to demean and make fun of everyone’s feelings and emotions.

Aseem being her best friend takes her for a walk and tries to calm her down. An upset Sapna goes on explaining her stand until all the housemates calm her down. After a while, Sapna is seen upset and worried about changing as a person inside the Bigg Boss house.

Niketan is seen talking to Karishma in the garden area. Niketan explains that Bigg Boss is a reality show wherein everyone signs their contracts and agrees to do whatever they are told to. People cannot change the rules/format of the entire show just to please their personal interests. Karishma intervenes and says that she agrees to both their perspectives partially.

The nominations take place and a few housemates are nominated for next week’s eviction. The housemates go to sleep after a tough day. The next morning, the housemates wake up to the song - “Khalbali”.

The housemates dance and wake up to a day full of surprises. Vrajesh is seen near the kitchen sink with Aseem. Vrajesh bursts out in anger, upset with those housemates who use their coffee mugs, plates and leave it near the sink as if the house is a hotel. The ‘taken for granted’ attitude of such housemates is the sole reason for his outburst.

A while later , Bigg Boss sends in some goodies for the housemates to celebrate ‘Bakra Eid’. Sana Khan gets most excited about the gifts and the rest of the housemates share in the joy with some delicious food and dessert. Sana and Aashka are seen reading the Namaz in their room.

Delnaaz is then called into the confession room by Bigg Boss and given a special power to save someone from nominations. Sidhu is seen talking to Delnaaz about Sapna and her viewpoints. Aseem is seen with Urvashi, Karishma, Niketan, etc in the floral room. Aseem starts teasing Karishma about her looks and her reason to be in Bigg Boss. All the housemates share a laugh, until an offended Karishma gets up and walks out of the room.

The housemates are seen in the garden area. Aseem is seen with Rajeev and an angry Karishma is talking about. Aseem tries to apologise to her but Karishma doesn't accept the same. Soon Niketan, Rajeev, etc go and console Karishma, who seems to be upset with the others for laughing at her.

Niketan adds fuel to the fire by saying he stopped once he saw Aseem cross his limits. Sapna and Karishma are seen together and Sapna helps Aseem to apologise to Karishma. Sapna asks Sampat to move from the garden chairs to leave Aseem and Karishma alone.

After the duo patch up, Sampat vents her anger at Sapna for making her get up for no reason. Sapna justifies her point to the rest of the housemates. After yet another strenuous day, the housemates go to sleep. 

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