Day 30 in 'Bigg Boss 6': Battle between Vrajesh and Sidhu intensifies

Published: Nov 07, 2012, 09:21 IST | The Hitlist Team |

The housemates wake up to an alarming siren early in the morning at about 5:00 am

Major Saab leads his sena and makes them march around the garden area. The housemates are in their PT uniform as they go through the assigned morning drill.

Bigg Boss 6

After the March past, Vrijesh apologizes to all the housemates for revolting against everyone and explains that he is rather compelled to do it. Sidhu, Rajev and Mink are seen discussing about Vrijesh and how he always wants to do things his way. After sometime, Sidhu calls for kushti as the day’s next physical activity. Rajev wrestles Niketan and Mink wrestles Sana. Sidhu announces the winners in front of everyone.

Sidhu, Niketan and Mink are also seen talking about Vrijesh’s arrogant attitude towards the task. Sidhu is then called in by Bigg Boss and asked to choose his favorite three commandos. Mink and Rajev get into an argument in the boys room. Mink gets pissed with Rajev as he keeps asking about the outside world’s opinions regarding the fights etc that happen in the house. Mink gets upset and tells him to stop asking such questions as she feels it puts her in a bad spot (like she is here to create fight).

A puzzled Rajev and Urvashi look at this and discuss the same with Sidhu. Mink on the other side walks out and starts crying as she misses her brother. Vrijesh comes to console her. Aashka retaliates to this and tells him to stay away from her and the others as according to Sidhu’s punishment for him, he is not supposed to interact with anyone.

Vrijesh gets cheesed off by Aashka’s comment and tells her to stay out of the task as she is the captain (who never gets involved). Aashka starts shouting at Vrijesh as she doesn’t like the way he tells her to stay away. Aashka complains to Sidhu about this and Sidhu punishes Vrijesh to sit by the aquarium till the night on a mattress in the garden area away from all the housemates.

After sometime, Bigg Boss calls the housemates in the living area and sends in a task letter. Sidhu and Vrijesh are divided into two teams versus each other. Sidhu’s chosen three are Niketan, Urvashi and Rajev. Vrijesh is the opposition leader and his team comprises of Delnaaz, Mink, Sana and Sapna. Their motive is to apply gulaal on the Major’s face. The task only gets more interesting as the cold war between Sidhu and Vrijesh comes alive.

Sidhu’s team captures the washroom area and wraps his face with a big scarf for protection. In sometime, Sidhu and his team occupy the flower bedroom and Vrijesh and his team occupy the other bedroom. The two teams start taunting and goading with each other as the rebel army (Vrijesh) and Sidhu’s team exchange lots of words and actions across the glass that separates them.

Vrijesh’s team tries to break into Sidhu’s room forcefully. Rajev and Niketan come out and distract the rebels. Niketan even picks Vrijesh up in his arms and puts him in the couch. Rajev comes to all the girls and starts irritating them so that they move away.

Delnaaz explains her disgust with Rajev getting physical with her teammates to Niketan. In a while, Vrijesh is seen talking to Aashka and Delnaaz about how upset and suffocated he is in the house and that he wants to get nominated again if by any chance he survives this weekend. Vrijesh then goes to Sapna and makes a plan for the night to take Sidhu’s team down. Slowly all the housemates go to sleep with much apprehension and nervousness. 

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