Day 49 and 50 in 'Bigg Boss 6': Imam argues while Santosh flirts with Aashka

Published: 27 November, 2012 13:17 IST | The Hitlist Team |

Post Vrijesh's exit, Urvashi and Mink are seen missing Vrijesh. Urvashi tells Mink that for the first time she feels there is a vacuum in the house post an exit.

In the padosi house, Imam is seen telling Santosh that his image has been tarnished outside. Santosh asks him to let bygones be bygones and that he should look at reworking his image now since he is back. Imam tells Santosh that he has never spoken bad about Aashka outside to which Santosh replies saying Aashka holds the same feelings for him and does not talk bad about him at all.

Bigg Boos House mates

Santosh tells Imam, that given this chance again, Imam should now aim at walking out with dignity and the two hug each other. Imam continues discussing this with Nirahua in the evening when Nirahua tells him that he should instead keep a check on himself before blaming other for tarnishing his image and that now he should forget things and move on.

Bigg Boos House mates

As the day passes, eviction nominations take place in the modern house. Post the nominations, Sana feels that Karishma has not been playing fair and breaks down in front of Sapna and Delnaaz.

In the rural house, Aashka and Santosh are seen talking in the house when Aashka explains it to Santosh that she is not bothered about anyone in the house and that no one in the house needs to fill her in. She adds that at present, she is not at all concentrating on the game; instead she has other things on the mind.

The modern house contestants are assigned a luxury budget task of Angels and Demons, where the Vishal, Karishma, Delnaaz and Rajev are Angels and Sapna, Sana, Urvashi, Niketan and Mink are Demons. The two teams are assigned tasks on the basis of their characteristics.

Later in the padosi house, Imam is seen forcing Jyoti to sing along with him when Jyoti refuses. Seeing Jyoti’s retaliation, Aashka asks Imam to back off and he replies that she is no one to comment when he is conversing with someone else. The two end up having a heated argument. Santosh and Nirahua calm Aashka down. Post this, Vrijesh, Nirahua and Santosh say that Imam is a task given to them by Bigg Boss. Vrijesh says that Imam’s hyperactivity is not his playful nature; instead it is clearly a sign of having a disturbed mind.

As a part of the task, Niketan spills water on Vishal and Vishal gets irritated with the Demons which upsets Sana. She has been thinking that Vishal’s attitude towards her has changed. Delnaaz tries explaining that it is not her fault that Vishal is upset and explains how he has nothing personal against her.

After the lights are out in the padosi house, Aashka, Santosh, Nirahua and Vrijesh are seen sitting and discussing Imam. Santosh tells Aashka that she should stay away from Imam and not involve herself with him else Santosh will lose his control. Aashka says that when a man has power, he should utilize it at the right time and to his benefit.

As the day ends in the modern house, all the Angels are seen coming together and praying for the betterment of the house. 

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