Day 51 in 'Bigg Boss 6': Aashka, Nirahua, Vrijesh gang up against Imam

Published: Nov 28, 2012, 09:07 IST | The Hitlist Team |

Sapna and Niketan are seen messing up Vishal and Rajev's sleep respectively to irritate them early in the morning. After sometime, the housemates wake up to an apt track - Inquilab Zindabad.

Sana and Mink are seen talking about the coming week’s nominations. Sana feels that she will be evicted this week and Mink has her doubts on Vishal’s survival. Meanwhile in the Bigg Boss padosi house, Imam is seen irritated with Aashka as he thinks the house is not as clean as compared to his hygiene standards. An annoyed Aashka shouts at Imam and tells him to mind his own business. An emotional Aashka starts crying after her outburst with Imam. 

Santosh and Nirahua go to Imam and tell him to lower his volume especially while talking to a girl. A stubborn Imam retaliates and says that he would do his own thing. Vrijesh gets very angry with Imam and almost gets physical with him. Aashka, Santosh and Nirahua intervene and calm Vrijesh down. Bigg Boss then announces Jyoti’s exit post her temporary stay. Everyone bids goodbye to the world’s smallest woman teary-eyed.

Bigg Boss house mates

Coming back to the main house, Rajev gets his face covered with shaving foam by Sapna and Mink. Sapna and the rest of the demons plan to play a prank on Vishal. Sapna applies shaving foam on him and Vishal gets irritated and applies foam on Sapna as well. In a random conversation, Sapna ends up pulling Vishal’s robe off post which Vishal gets so agitated that he removes his robe and gives up on the task. In the Bigg Boss padosi house, Vrijesh, Aashka, Santosh and Nirahua are seen watching the task play out of the main house. Imam forcefully puts off the television infuriating the other housemates. Imam wears a colourful skull mask and starts when Bigg Boss calls Imam to the confession room and warns him not to break his rules ever again.

Bigg Boss announces the end of luxury budget task and announces that all performed well except for Vishal, because of whom the housemates have lost their luxury budget for the week.

Delnaaz breaks down and Sapna explains that Vishal should have taken it as a game and not personally. In the evening, Mink and Vishal are seen sitting and talking while Urvashi comes and tries to instigate Vishal saying he was right with the way he retaliated against Sapna and refuse the task while Sapna comes back saying he shouldn’t have done what he did.

As the day ends, Imam is seen irritating the entire house again with his antics. While he takes on Aashka’s mile and talks about how he would not let it last, on the other hand he irritates Vrijesh and talks about his looks. At one time he tells the housemates that they should all stay out while he will go inside the house and shut the door and change his clothes.

Vrijesh, Santosh and Nirahua warn him against it since Aashka is sitting inside and he ends up fighting with all over it. Imam is also seen telling Nirahua that they have all done what they had to and that now it’s time for Imam to stay inside the house and entertain. All the housemates lose their cool and gang up against him. In the night, Nirahua is called to the confession room by Bigg Boss and told that they do not need to lose their cool at whatever Imam is doing. Nirahua then goes and tells the same to the other housemates and all of them decide not to react over all that Imam has been doing.

As the day ends, all the housemates in the padosi house celebrate Aashka’s birthday, and when Imam comes to wish Aashka, she denies being wished by him and he walks out irritated and talks to the camera before going to bed saying that the housemates are not understanding what he is trying to do and that now he is bored of playing a game with them. 

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