Day 78 in 'Bigg Boss 7': Armaan and Kushal have a huge fight

Published: 02 December, 2013 18:39 IST | A Correspondent |

Post Armaan's exit from the 'Bigg Boss 7' house, Tanishaa was seen feeling very lonely as she sat in a corner sobbing and praying for his return

Meanwhile, Sangram is seen telling her that Kushal and Ajaz are quite happy with Armaan not being around.

Later in the morning, Gauahar is seen asking Ajaz to share her breakfast while Ajaz is feeling awkward to do so in Kushal's presence. Gauhar still keeps on insisting but Ajaz ignores her and walks off. Gauahar's fondness for Ajaz irks Kushal who then asks Gauahar to maintain a distance from him. While Gauahar gets upset with Kushal's remarks, Kushal makes an attempt to make her understand and fix the matter. But Gauahar does not show any interest in the conversation and walks away.

Day 78 in 'Bigg Boss 7', Tanishaa, Andy and Sangram
Tanishaa, Andy and Sangram after Armaan's exit from the house

Day 78 in 'Bigg Boss 7', Kushal, Gauahar
Kushal tells Gauahar to stay away from Ajaz

Further, Bigg Boss shows Armaan the footage where Ajaz, Gauahar, Kushal and Kamya are making fun of Armaan and his irate nature. Armaan gets infuriated after watching the footage and requests Bigg Boss to allow him to go back inside the house. Soon he is called inside the confession room for the nominations procedure where he has to nominate two contestants for eviction. While the nominations procedure continues in the living room as well, Armaan appears from the confession room. On seeing Armaan, Tanishaa couldn't hold back her tears and she gives him a tight hug while all the other 'Bigg Boss 7' housemates are left stunned.

Day 78 in 'Bigg Boss 7', Armaan
Armaan inside the bonus room

Day 78 in 'Bigg Boss 7', Armaan and Tanishaa hug
An extremely elated Tanishaa hugs Armaan after his return to the 'Bigg Boss 7' house

Later in the day, Armaan is seen having an intense conversation with Andy and Tanishaa where he tells them that the experience of staying in the bonus room was an eye opener for him. He admits that he has understood that Andy and Tanishaa are the only people in the 'Bigg Boss 7' house that are true to him and have always stood by him even after his exit from the house. He further confronted Kushal, Ajaz and Gauahar and told them that he is quite disappointed in them and they should part ways for the sake of sanity. Armaan endlessly thanked Bigg Boss for putting him in the secret room and showing him the true colours of the 'Bigg Boss 7' housemates.

Day 78 in 'Bigg Boss 7', Tanishaa, Andy, Armaan, Sangram and Sofia
Armaan welcomed back to the house by the other housemates

As the day progress, Armaan and Kushal have an argument where Armaan bursts out at Kushal and tells him that he is back for vengeance and won't spare him for any wrong doings. Kushal back answers by calling Armaan a liar and also accuses him for being selfish and using other 'Bigg Boss 7' housemates for surviving in the game.

While on one hand, Kushal and Armaan continue to look daggers at each other, Ajaz and Sofia share some romantic moments together while they sing and dance in the rain.

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