Day one of HSC exams goes off without a hitch

Feb 22, 2013, 07:16 IST | Richa Pinto

1,19,711 students appear for their examinations at various centres across the state in two batches; no complaints have been come in from any of the centres or students so far

The first day of the HSC examinations went off smoothly and Maharashtra state division students did not face any difficulties yesterday. According to board officials, not a single complaint has been received from any of the examination centres in Mumbai, Thane and Raigad district. This year 3,22,193 students will be appearing for their HSC exams, which is around 10,000 more than recorded last year.

HSC examinations
Scores of students wait for the gates of an examination centre in Thane to be opened yesterday. Pic/Sameer Markande

Day one saw 1,19,711 students at various centres. Those appearing for subjects like Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Sindhi, Tamil and Punjabi were slotted for the first session that began at 11 am and ended at 2 pm, while those appearing for subjects like Urdu, French and Pali were slotted for the second batch that began at 3 pm and ended at 6 pm.

Laxmikant Pande, divisional chairman of the Mumbai board said, “We made all the arrangements well in advance and were hoping that the first day of the examinations would go smoothly. There were absolutely no complaints from any of the centres regarding the students. We are hoping that all the other examination days also go off well.”

Maximum numbers of students were seen appearing for the Marathi examinations. While 99,254 students appeared for their Marathi paper, 175 attempted the Kannada paper, 78 took the Bengali paper and 158 gave the Telegu paper. Meanwhile, callers kept counsellors manning the helpline at the board office in Vashi on their toes.

Besides students calling in, worried parents were not far behind. “We get over 100 calls, of which around 25 were from parents of students giving their exams. Call were made to enquire about examination centres, seating arrangements and other miscellaneous examination-related queries,” said Balasaheb Hyalij, counselor at the board office. Jayant Ghadge, another counsellor at the office, said “A few parents even called to enquire about how they should behave with their child during this exam period, to help them feel less stressed.”

City tops caller list
According to the counsellors, most of the calls that came in yesterday were from students in Mumbai and Thane district. Fewer calls came in from Raigad and other rural areas like Jawhar and Mokhada. The Maharashtra State Board would see 2,86,262 students appearing for the English examinations on February 23, which is the highest in comparison to Marathi (1,19,711) and Hindi (1,19,600).

Appearing for HSC exams? We help you calm your last minute nerves by giving you a few handy tips from teachers Today’s subject: Hindi

Babita Singh
Babita Singh Hindi teacher, Sainath Junior College, Vashi

>> The first question in your paper would be essay writing, which would carry 10 marks. Topics like modern day women; autobiography of an injured soldier and environment can be expected. Avoid making any spelling mistakes while writing your essay because you may end up losing marks. Change of paragraph is very important. A well-written essay in clean handwriting and appropriate content can help you score up to 7 marks
>> While writing answers to essay type questions, always remember writing the name of the book and the poet or author’s name in the introductory paragraph. For example in case a question has been asked from Kabirvani then you can begin your answer by writing that the question has been asked from Kabirvani which is a poem by Kabirdas
>> Students get an option between Comprehension and Precis writing. It is better to solve the comprehension question because many times students are not able to write précis of the required words and end up overwriting, thus wasting their time.
>> Solve all grammar questions as you stand a chance to score full marks if your answers are right. Also try attempting the entire paper and do not miss writing answers to any of the questions
>> You can score good marks through letter writing if you have made an envelope along with your letter, written your address and the address of the person to whom you’re sending it

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