Days after demolition, illegal food stalls back in business

Sep 05, 2013, 01:38 IST | Nigel Buthello

A week after NMMC officials demolished illegal makeshift stalls selling foodstuff in Kopar Khairane, the structures surfaced a few metres from their original spot

The joy of seeing an illegal market demolished by civic officials was short-lived for residents of Bonkode in Kopar Khairane. 

And they are back: Less than a week after civic officials pulled down illegal stalls in Kopar Khairane, the structures sprung up a little ahead from their original location

Less than a week after the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) officials pulled down the makeshift stalls, the structures sprung up a little ahead from their original location.

The illegal stalls, selling vegetables and other products, were demolished by NMMC officials in May after residents from the locality complained that the stalls had illegally occupied the entrance of their residential compound since last year.

Bonkode resident Tejinder Singh, who has been fighting against the encroachment, said, “The earlier market blocked both sides of the lane that led to the compound gate.

Civic officials cleared the place, but after a few days the owners shifted their stalls a little ahead. Now, they have occupied the latter half of the lane, which is inconveniencing residents again.”

Furious with the brazen act, residents have once again begun drafting letters to the local ward office, demanding that the market be permanently removed this time.

Residents say that despite notifying NMMC’s encroachment division, which has sent two notices to the ward officer regarding the illegal structures, no action has been taken since the past three months.

Sanjay Tayde, ward officer for the area, said, “I have received the notices regarding the illegal structures in Bonkode. I have notified my team and we will take action. We will ensure that the illegal market is removed at the earliest.” 

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