Days of the future past

Apr 26, 2014, 09:39 IST | Agencies

Now obsolete, cassettes, pagers and floppies, among others, were once touted as the future

New York: Tech geeks have named music cassettes as the number one gadget that was once touted as the future, but is now an obsolete antique to them.

Representation pic/Thinkstock

Tapes came ahead of defunct video format Betamax and Polaroid cameras on the list of gadgets that were once viewed as the height of technology. Floppy discs and mini disc players are also among the relics of the Nineties that feature.

But modern pieces of technology like sat-navs, MP3 players and DVDs are surprising additions in the top 50 out-of-date gadgets. The list was compiled by money saving website, which quizzed 500 shoppers about which technology was now dead to them.

A woman who took part in the study said, “I used to have so many different gadgets knocking around the house, but now, most of them are all encompassed in my iPhone. When each new piece of tech came out we thought it was here to stay, but then before we knew it they were out of date and something had taken its place.”

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