App Review: Here's our verdict on a new app that connects artistes and clients across showbiz

Mar 06, 2017, 11:01 IST | Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya

We tested a new app that connects artistes and clients across entertainment

The Entertainment industry works on a give-and-take basis. If actors seek assignments, production houses and casting directors seek good artistes. Gone are the days when aspiring actors would dress up and hang around a filmmaker's residence or office to catch his attention. Now, there's a new app, Dazzlr, that caters to the need of both parties for a range of activities related to cinema, television, theatre, advertising, regional and international film production. The categories include singing, dancing, stand-up, anchoring, etc.

What we liked
The app provides the artiste with a chance to build their portfolio. The photo uploading option covers three angles — head view, profile view and full body.

Dazzlr's homepage
Dazzlr's homepage

The interface also carries a section where one can showcase one's work by sharing multiple video links via YouTube. In short, an artiste doesn't need to carry a resume with them because the app will act as their digital curriculum vitae. At the same time, it also notifies them of possible openings for films, events, photo shoots for brands and more. One can directly register for an audition for a character role (when there is a pop-up about such a requirement) through the app.

What we didn't like
There are several posts saying 'fresh faces needed' and 'actors needed' but not all of them are verified. The ones that have been verified are written in green.

Job notifications on the app
Job notifications on the app

Though the app offers a feature for taking pictures on the phone and uploading them, casting directors usually prefer photoshoots. Besides, there is no clarity on the quality of images required. Dumping high resolution images on to the phone and then uploading them tends to become a cumbersome process.

Overall verdict
Dazzlr looks promising. Developed by a classified advertising platform in partnership with filmmaker Vivek Bohra and casting director Aadore Mukherjee, it has the potential to make the lives of struggling actors easier.

available on Google Play Store and iOS

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