DDCA calls for lifetime ban on Kirti Azad

May 25, 2012, 08:23 IST | Agencies

Delhi & Districts Cricket Association yesterday demanded a lifetime ban on Kirti Azad for attempting to tarnish the image of DDCA and its president Arun Jaitley whilst criticising the Indian Premier League.

“We demand Mr Kirti Azad’s immediate suspension along with other such cricketers from BCCI and DDCA, the institution of an immediate independent inquiry to (study) their accusations so that if found guilty, lifetime ban on them could be imposed,” Vinod Tihara, Convenor Sports Committee, said in a statement. “The real agenda is to tarnish the image of our clean President Arun Jaitley and that’s why even while criticising IPL, he talks incessantly against DDCA and its overall functioning.”

Down withn IPL: Kirti Azad (centre) during protest in Delhi on Sunday. Pic/AFP

Azad had questioned lack of accountability in the IPL and went on hunger strike on Sunday. DDCA felt Azad’s actions have put the game to shame. “As you have seen in the past few weeks, Azad and his gang of desperate cricketers have been spitting venom against BCCI and DDCA in the garb of criticising IPL,” Tihara said.

“Their language, behaviour and false accusations — all are unbecoming of the cricketers and have put the game of cricket to shame. These disgruntled cricketers are demanding a ban on IPL just because there had been some black sheep tarnishing its image. BCCI has taken prompt remedial action,” he added. 

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