'Dead' Brit woman calls up pals for reunion

May 27, 2013, 12:51 IST | ANI

A woman, who had been mourned by her friends 30 years ago, gave them the shock of their lives when she called them to organize a school reunion

Christine Greenslade, 66, was eager to meet her old friends after moving away in her late teens but was greeted with silence when she called them up, the Mirror reported.

The mix-up happened when her mother Pamela died of cancer in 1980 and staff used her name instead of her mom’s when she put up an obituary in The Cornishman newspaper.

Greenslade, 34 at the time, was living in Ipswich, Suffolk, and was not able to read the obituary.

She came to know about the screw-up only when she decided to visit her old home in Penzance, Cornwall, and organise the reunion for friends from St Gertrude’s Convent.

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