Deepti Naval makes friendly appearance in 'BA Pass'

Jun 18, 2013, 07:44 IST | IANS

Veteran actress Deepti Naval, who has made a friendly appearance in forthcoming movie "BA Pass", was sceptical about doing the erotic human drama, but the film's lead actress Shilpa Shukla convinced her

The film is about a relationship based on lust, lies and deceit

Deepti Naval

"There is a particular scene in the film and I needed Deepti Naval for that. When she heard the script, she was reluctant about doing the film but she saw the clippings of the film, she really liked the camera work and the way the film has been treated," Ajay Bahl, the film's director, told IANS.

"Besides Shilpa had worked with Deepti in 'Bhindi Bazaar', so I asked her to convince her...looking at the scenes and dialogues she said she want to do it. So basically she has done a cameo, more off a friendly appearance in the film," he added.

To be presented and distributed by Bharat Shah, it is slated for July 12 release. Bahl is also the cinematographer and producer of the film that also features theatre actor Shadab Kamal in the male lead. 

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