Delayed treatment claims 12-year-old child's life

Jun 28, 2012, 23:48 IST | Anuradha Varanasi

Relatives claim school authorities misinformed them leading to delay in proper treatment and the eventual death of the sixth standard child.

A 12-year-old boy who had been run over by a private school bus met with a tragic death on Wednesday after failing to get adequate treatment in time.

The bus driver, Deepak Rajaram Ghurav (49), who ran over the sixth standard student, has been arrested by the DN Nagar police and booked under section 279 and section 304(a) of the IPC.

The incident took place at Wednesday afternoon. The victim, Hamza Siddique Taibani (12), a Yogeshwari resident, was boarding the bus outside the school when he lost his balance and fell on the road. The driver didn’t realise was had happened and ran over the child with his left rear wheel.

The boy's family were immediately notified by the school principal. On reaching the scene, Hamza's mother and aunt found him in conscious but in pain . He was immediately rushed to Prime Hospital in Andheri (West) where an X-ray of his legs was taken.

"The doctor said he was fine and gave him some medicines. After that we brought him home," said, Abdul Jabbar (45), a relative. "At around 5 pm we noticed that he looked too pale and drowsy, waking up sporadically to drink water," he added.

Hamza was then taken to Venus Hospital in Jogeshwari (w) where the doctors asked his relatives to get a sonography done. It was only after the reports came back at around 9 pm, that they found out that he was suffering from multiple fractures on his hips and waist. The boy succumbed to his injuries within an hour while being taken to the hospital along with his reports.

Relatives of Hamza Siddique Taibani mourn his death.

Mohammad Hussain (68), the victim's grandfather, said, "We haven't even heard from the school yet after all that has happened. The principal had come to the hospital last night but left immediately once all of us arrived there."

"Had they told us that a bus had run over my grandson instead of vaguely saying he fell down maybe things wouldn't have turned out like this," he added.

Speaking to MiD DAY, Kundan Desai, the school's principal, said, "As soon as I was told about the accident by my colleague I called up the boy's family. We told his mother about what happened and offered to take her son to Cooper hospital but she said she would take him to an orthopaedic doctor she knew."

"We were in touch with the boy's family the whole time and my colleague was with them in Venus hospital till two am," she added.

Dr.Himanshu Chitre, owner of Venus Hospital, said, “The reports revealed that he had a severe pelvic fracture at multiple places. The family was agitated as they were not aware of how serious his condition was in the afternoon and so had lost a lot of time.”

The school bus is now in police custody. DN Nagar police sub-inspector, Manoj Chavan said, "The bus driver has been arrested and his remanding was conducted in Andheri court on Thursday afternoon. Further investigations regarding this case will be carried out on Friday."

Hamza's last sites were performed on Thursday morning.

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