Delhi most creative state in India, Maharashtra in top 10: Report

May 06, 2013, 18:21 IST | Agencies

In terms of use of modern technology, talented people and tolerance, Delhi is the most creative state in the country, says a study.

According to Creative Index Report in 2013, Chandigarh, Punjab, Kerala, Goa, Mizoram, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Puducherry and Maharashtra round out the top nine. Haryana and Manipur are tied for the tenth position, it said.

India Gate: Delhi
Delhi: India Gate; File Pic

"Delhi takes the top spot as the most creative state in India with the greatest potential for success in today's creative economy," it said.

The study explores the presence of the 3Ts - Technology, Talent and Tolerance in economic development within each state and Union Territory in India.

"Each of the 3Ts is important to economic development; no one T on its own can provide sufficient support to sustain growth and continued prosperity.

“Taken together, these 3Ts of economic development combine to produce the Creativity Index, a measure of a regions overall creative economy," said Kevin Stolarick, Research Director, Martin Prosperity Institute.

He said India should recognise the importance of building talent, courting technology and promoting tolerance in gaining an economic advantage.

"Such an approach for India would mean recognising the creative talent of its residents in order to develop the businesses and industries of tomorrow; investing in the infrastructure required to mobilise more innovation and recognising the importance of openness and diversity in gaining economic advantage," he added.

It also said within India, the Far North, Far East, and Southern States and Union Territories appear to have higher concentrations of the creative class than central and western regions.

The leading regions in India that are the most technology sophisticated are the states and UTs in the far north and south.

"Delhi ranks the highest of all regions followed by Kerala, Mizoram and Karnataka," it added.

The report was launched by Martin Prosperity Institute, Institute for Competitiveness and The Prosperity Institute of India.

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