Delhi most unsafe metro city for women, Mumbai safest: Survey

Feb 26, 2013, 15:31 IST | Agencies

A survey conducted by a travel portal has revealed that women find Delhi to be India's most unsafe metro city in terms of travelling alone for leisure or business or both.

Delhi has been voted as the most unsafe metro city in the country by women travelling alone for leisure, business or both, a recent survey has found.

Mumbai was rated as the safest metropolitan city by a majority of respondents (34 per cent), while Ahmedabad and Bangalore were voted second with 12 per cent votes each.

Delhi most unsafe city, Mumbai safest: Survey
File picture of Delhi Metro

"Due to the recent spate of crime against women, the national capital has gained notoriety with 84 per cent women claiming it to be the most unsafe metro," the solo women traveller survey 2013 conducted by a travel portal, said.

It also brought to light the disturbing fact that 94 per cent of female respondents worry about their safety, always or at least sometimes, when they travel alone in India but not when they travel to international destinations.

Only six per cent women said they worry when they travel abroad alone but not in India while 24 per cent respondents said they worry when they travel in India.

Despite the fear and worry, only 33 per cent women said they carry any item for self defence (like a taser or pepper spray) when travelling to a new or unfamiliar city.

Among women who said they travel alone on work, 37 per cent women said they don't mind travelling alone but worry about their safety.

The survey was conducted among working women as well as among homemakers. Breaking from tradition, Indian women seek adventure and experience and are confident, enthused and eager to travel on their own terms.

Among women who travel alone, 41 per cent said they actually enjoyed travelling alone for work. 76 per cent said they enjoy going solo on holiday.

Lack of company was not a complaint. In fact, majority of the women (58 per cent) said their biggest incentive for solo vacations was that they could do all the things they want without having to worry about what someone else wants.

About 34 per cent women indicated they loved travelling alone as it was adventurous and exciting. Another 32 per cent claimed the thrill of managing everything by themselves was a motivator as well. 

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