Delhi police steal march over state ATS with arrests

Oct 12, 2012, 07:17 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

After the Delhi police's Special Branch claimed to have solved the serial blasts at J M Road by arresting three youths from the city, Aurangabad and Nanded, the state Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) was left red-faced.

Delhi police have taken all the credit by detecting the case single-handedly, and not keeping the state ATS in the loop, which was working day and night on the case.

Following the low-intensity blasts on August 1, state ATS chief Rakesh Maria was camping in the city and monitoring the blast investigation, and had claimed that the ATS had received substantial leads, stating that the case will be cracked soon.

But, before the ATS could make the breakthrough, the Delhi police cracked the case. The ATS chief was not reachable. A police officer with the city ATS stated that it was a joint effort. The Delhi police, however, in their press briefing, did not mention ATS’ name.

Home Minister, R R Patil, too, was not available for comment. Minister of State for Home Satej Patil denied that there was no coordination between the investigating agencies, and claimed that the detection was due to teamwork. “It does not matter who cracked the case, what matters is that the case has been solved eventually,” he said.

Four low intensity blasts had occurred at JM Road, and the bomb detection squad defused two bombs. Dayanand Patil, who worked as a tailor in Shivajinagar, hailing from Uralikanchan, had sustained minor injuries in one of the blasts near Balgandharv auditorium.

The ATS and the city police Crime Branch, who were in vestigating the case, at first suspected Patil’s involvement in the blasts. Patil’s role, however, could not be established, and he was given clean chit. Later, however, ATS officers took him to undisclosed location.

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