Delicious dry fruits for the Diwali season

Nov 05, 2015, 08:00 IST | The Guide Team

This Diwali, Occasions Dry Fruits invites you to a celebration of rich taste, succulent desires and eternal flavours

  This Diwali, Occasions Dry Fruits invites you to a celebration of rich taste, succulent desires and eternal flavours. A premium name in quality dry fruits and dates, Occasions Dry Fruits has made a name for itself in the business. Specially sourced from Saudia Arabia, Iran and Jordan, their flavours have found a special place in the hearts of their ever-growing clientele. This Diwali, as you and your loved ones gather around to celebrate in the warmth and glow of the festival of lights, gift yourselves flavours that are sure to last a lifetime.

What’s on offer?

Dry Fruits

From delectable dates to affluent dry fruits and a menagerie of mouth watering savouries your palate is in for a treat. Treat your taste buds to the choicest dates sourced fresh from their countries of origin. And dry fruits that are mouth-watering and rich in nutritional value.

To make this festive season even brighter, Occasions Dry Fruits also offers customised gifting options and packaging designs fit for loved ones and professional relationships.

Show your admiration, love and respect when you choose a customised gift basket that comes carefully packed with an offering of rich dates and succulent dry fruits. What’s more, you can personally select the type and quantity of dates or dry fruits in your gift basket.

Tasty treats
Every offering comes with their special blend of attention to quality and promise of the best product. They believe in exceeding all their client’s expectations especially during a festive season as important and significant as Diwali.

At present, Occasions Dry Fruits offers a range of specially crafted and curated Diwali bouquets which include dry fruit bouquet, chocolate bouquet, dry fruit glass jar, date bouquet, etc. A novel thought, the Dry Fruit Bouquet makes for a unique gifting option perfect for friends, family and loved ones. Delicately packaged, the bouquet is easy to carry and is the perfect gift at any celebration.

Chic, stylish and the ideal gift to complement any occasion, the Dates’ Bouquet is a first-of-its-kind idea. The bouquet features dates carefully packaged to showcase their affluent taste and distinct textures.

A runaway hit since its introduction, the Dry Fruit glass jar has received praise for its elegant look and style. With orders constantly pouring in the dry fruits jar is a big hit with people of all ages.

Moreover, this festive season, Occasions Dry Fruits promises to surprise one and all with newer tastes, fresher flavors and memories to last a lifetime.

For more information or to place an order of these succulent desires, please feel free to visit,, email at or call 22033324/9820734464

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