Video: New Rs 2,000 notes bleed colour on coming in contact with water

Updated: Nov 18, 2016, 12:46 IST | Faisal Tandel |

Following claims on a new viral video on social media, a Thane social worker experiments and concludes that the new currency notes bleed colour when it comes in contact with water

Vikrant Karnik claims he wiped the Rs 2,000 note with a wet hanky and the colour rubbed off on it
Vikrant Karnik claims he wiped the Rs 2,000 note with a wet hanky and the colour rubbed off on it

If you’re excited to get your hands on the new Rs 2,000 note then this story might be something of a dampener.

A new video is making the rounds on social media that reportedly shows how the new currency note bleeds colour when it comes in contact with water. A 53-year-old social worker from Thane claims he tried this experiment as well and found the claims to be true.

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Naupada resident Vikrant Karnik suspects that either the note he got was fake, or the new notes all have a printing defect. “On Monday, one of my friends gave me a Rs 2,000 note, as we share cash in need. After I heard that the new notes are losing colour, I tried an experiment that evening – I wiped the note with a wet handkerchief and saw that the colour was indeed rubbing off,” said Karnik, adding, “Is the Rs 2,000 currency real or fake? If it is real then why is it losing its colour? Was a low-quality dye used to print it?”

He is now concerned that this ‘defect’ might make the new notes just as worthless as the now defunct R500 and R1,000 notes. “In the market, people like fish and juice vendors always have wet hands. In such a situation, the currency will quickly lose colour. Not to mention what will happen in summer, when everyone’s clothes are damp with sweat. The colour will spread on our clothes. The currency will fade and no one will accept it,” said Karnik, who has filed a police complaint in the matter.

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“The police have seized the note and the handkerchief and assured that they will send it to the printing press in Nashik for inspection. I will wait for the report,” he added.

Until then, however, we’d recommend that the next time you wash your clothes, just ensure there are no R2,000 notes in the pocket.

Cop speak
Senior police inspector Anil Pophale from Naupada police station said, “We have accepted Karnik’s written complaint and are investigating it.”

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