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May 19, 2012, 06:22 IST | Janhavi Samant

This film has no cinematographer and, really, it shows. The film is shot from a five-year-old's point of view. So much of the film whirs by showing only crotches and nostrils

Then when you think you have had enough of looking at Sanjay Dutt or Rana Daggubatti or Abhimanyu Singh or Vijay Raaz or that actress who hams as Naseer through the V of their legs and arms, or tight close-ups of chai utensil handles going around the room, the picture whirs into action mode. The picture and the plot keep shaking till they give you a headache. However, cinematography is the least of the film’s problems.

Mahadeo (Sanju) and Shiv Narayan (Rana) (if you don’t notice the connection between the names, Ramu makes sure you do) and a few more cops are part of a strange police encounter department on a spree bumping off members of the Sawatya gang (Vijay Raaz who lurks around in a white dhoti ensemble, screeching at his gang members) in town.

It doesn’t matter what the plot is, Sawatya has an endless supply of gang members who take till the end of the film to perish. And there is some random gyaan about Bhagvad Gita. At some point Mr Bachchan enters the fray to do some spectacular hamming of his own, showing his penchant for doing ‘legal things illegally’ rather than ‘illegal things legally.’ Really Ramu, did you have to say that thrice in the film? 

You could argue that at least the item number must be worth the money. Yeah sure, if watching pelvic thrusts upside down is your cup of tea, why not? Madam Nathalia Kaur looks like she had to be given electric shocks while filming. This is not a film. It is a joke. Ramu, take a breath. Take a vacation. Go to Haridwar, meditate. A good cinematographer and a good film will come to you.  

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