'Depressed' Chinese man cuts off own penis due to lack of 'love life'

Oct 30, 2013, 12:38 IST | ANI

A frustrated man from Zhejiang province, China, chopped off his penis because, supposedly, he had no real use for it since he did not have a girlfriend

Pals of 26-year-old Yang Hu claimed that he was very depressed about the fact that he had no time to find love as he worked for long hours in a clothing factory, the Mirror reported.

So to avoid thinking about love, Hu cut off his penis to block the thoughts.

When Hu realized what he had done, he rushed to the hospital, on his cycle, to seek help, but doctors sent him home and asked him to bring his severed penis so they could try to reattach it.

However, when Hu returned he had lost too much blood and surgeons were unable to save it.

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