Derailment at Kalyan disrupts Central line services

Oct 31, 2014, 06:46 IST | Pooja Kalwar

Following the derailment of the Amravati-Mumbai Express, trains on the Central line were delayed by 45 minutes to an hour through the day, causing commuters great inconvenience

Following the train derailment at Kalyan station early morning yesterday, service on the Central line was disrupted for hours. Several commuters heading to work in the morning had to wait for more than an hour to board a train, while locals, as well as outbound express trains were delayed by as much as 45 minutes throughout the day.

The disruption was caused by the early morning derailment of Amravati-Mumbai Express as it was entering platform 4 at Kalyan station. The train’s engine and general second class cum guard’s van were derailed at 4.50 am. It was later revealed that the mishap was caused by a crack in the rails. However, no casualties have been reported yet. Once passengers were informed of the incident, they chose to take local trains to their destinations.

Local down trains on the fast line were diverted to the slow line while many down express trains were diverted to platform number 1 in the morning. The track is currently under repair and the damaged section will be replaced. The derailed coaches suffered minor damage, and are currently being repaired.


Vikram Hora, Commuting from Shahad to Thane
I have just finished my night shift and am returning home, but the trains are delayed. I managed to get a train after 40 minutes of waiting.

Simon Kuppaswamy, Commuting from Kalyan to Airoli
I had to wait for a long time before I could reach my office, where I had to report at 10 am. In spite of reaching the station before time, I was not able to board a train due to the derailment. Trains that were coming from town were very crowded and I was not able to get in and had to skip three trains.

Ashish Chandanshiv, Commuting from Kalyan to Mulund
As I was completely unaware about the derailment incident, I was waiting for a long time to board a slow local to CST. I would have taken cab instead, if I had known earlier.

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