Desi Hollywood beauties

Jul 28, 2013, 08:31 IST | Kareena N Gianani

What would you do if you came across an area called 'Hollywood', named so because it is common consensus that its women residents look fabulous? When photographer Kannagi Khanna stumbled upon the lane in Ahmedabad, she requested the women to pose for her, and they obliged

At the upcoming Delhi Photo Festival (September 27-October 11), photographer Kannagi Khanna will exhibit photographs of her grandfather depicting his yearning to be an actor.

Drew Barrymore-Savitaben
Savitaben, one of Hollywood’s most affable residents, was glad to pose alongside Drew Barrymore’s photograph. It was her husband who helped photographer Kannagi Khanna set up the shoot

But the photo op that gave her a sleepless night involved a bunch of heart-stopping, beautiful women of a slum in Ahmedabad called Hollywood. “In June 2011, I was on the bike with my father when he casually pointed to an area called Gulbai Tekra and said, ‘Did you know it is called ‘Hollywood’?’ I asked him why, but all he knew was that the slum was nicknamed that way at least 40 years ago because its women residents were well-known for their beauty.”

Geeta poses alongside Kate Winslet’s photograph

Khanna says she stayed up till 3 am that night, and finally decided to visit the area to see what she could do there. She did not take her camera along for the first three days and spent the time speaking to the area’s residents, and convincing some to pose for her camera. “The women didn’t know why their slum was called Hollywood.” Khanna told them about the film industry abroad and explained what she planned to do.

The lady who was originally asked to pose beside Julia Roberts’ photograph backed out because her family was uncomfortable with the idea. Later, Ganga stepped in and agreed for the photo shoot

“Then, for almost three weeks, I visited ‘Hollywood’ with print outs of Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johanson and others. I wanted the women to pose besides these pictures, and emulate the actors.” The result is a quirky collection of 13 photographs, all in black and white.

Jaya had a tough time keeping a straight face beside Kate Hudson’s picture

Khanna insists that she is not trying to compare or contrast the residents of Gulbai Tekra with Hollywood actors. “It is the women who are in focus, not the actors. The Hollywood pictures are just used as a reference. To emphasise the women’s individuality, I have included details from their lives, too -- one photograph has the woman’s parrot, another her goat and her pots and pans.”

Karunaben was uncomfortable posing with a beedi to emulate Audrey Hepburn’s photograph with a cigar. She fished out a datun instead

Not all the women stuck to the Hollywood actors’ poses. For instance, Karunaben, who poses besides Audrey Hepburn holding a cigar, refused to hold a beedi. “She wasn’t comfortable, so she fished out her datun instead,” smiles Khanna.

For this photograph of Durga (imitating Ava Gardner), photographer Kannagi Khanna tried to bring a bit of her life in by including her pet goat in the frame

Most locals at Gulbai Tekra were supportive of Khanna’s project in spite of learning that the photographer wasn’t sure where and how she would exhibit her photographs. “Savitaben’s husband, in fact, helped me set up the photo-shoot which involved her posing besides Drew Barrymore’s photograph.

Kesar poses alongside a photograph of Anne Hathway

The only problem I faced was by the husband of a lady who was ready to pose besides Julia Roberts’ photograph. He wasn’t very happy with the idea and, finally, I had to ask another lady, Ganga, instead.” 

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