'Desi Magic' will appeal to everyone: Zayed Khan

Apr 10, 2013, 09:05 IST | The Hitlist Team

After a gap, Zayed Khan will be seen again on the big screen in 'Desi Magic'. The actor talks about his forthcoming film and more...

 The actor talks about his forthcoming film and more...

Zayed Khan

What have you been up to recently?
I have been busy with my business work. I am also helping my father with some of his work too. There are some really good scripts coming my way and I have been busy reading them. Some of them are so interesting that I may use them for my productions. So basically I have been busy in the reading process.

Tell us something about your role in Desi Magic?
I wouldn’t like to reveal much as I would like to talk more about it nearer to the film’s release. I play this cool guy who is a photographer by profession and is sort of a go-to guy when in trouble or when there is need for any advice. He is a very understanding and grown up guy. He has been putting-up with the tantrum of this hot, rich spoilt girl with whom he is totally in love with as he understands her better. That’s all I can reveal.

What made you choose the film?
For one, I really liked the script. I must say it was a very well-written one. When I was taking the narration of the script it felt like I was watching the film. This is very rare to find. I also really liked the pitch of the film. It goes through all the emotions and is an out-and-out entertainer. A lot of aspects of the film -- be it comical or emotional or drama -- will just keep the audience’s interest level high and that’s what made me say yes.

How did you bag the role?
Producer Kuunal Goomer just approached me (laughs). Actually I had bumped into Kuunal somewhere and he said that he has a script for me. I instantly asked him to come over after which things just fell into place.

What’s going to be different about this film then your previous films?
It is a very entertaining film and will appeal to everyone. I am not going to say it’s different but it’s the right people who are involved in the project which matters. Everything around Desi Magic is very positive. All the people involved in the project are fairly new and I am looking forward to the great experience.

Would you consider this film as a commercial film or a high on concept film?
At the end of the day I like to watch a film that hooks me. It’s the same for our audience too. This film will be entertaining as well as a commercial film. It has all the right elements of an amazing watchable film. People will surely take the film back home. The film has all the elements like comic, drama, emotion having said that it’s not going to be a brainless masala. Desi Magic is going to be a great fun film.

Tell us something about Kuunal Goomer as a producer?
I have yet to know him but whatever I know of him he is a very sincere person. He is extremely hard working and is always very excited and motivated. He is also very patient which is a very good trait in a producer. Besides he is also a very nice and humble human being.

The launch announcement of Desi Magic created a stir. What was the reason behind the film being announced in such a grand way?
There is a continuous growing competition in the market. A lot of films are being launched/ announced so Desi Magic had to have a hatke launch. The idea was to announce the arrival of APP’s maiden project Desi Magic. Besides, these days 50 to 60 per cent budgets are spent on marketing a film. So we too didn’t want to leave any stone unturned.

How is your co-star Sahil Shroff to work with considering this will be his first film as a lead?
I know him since the past six years and we always bump into each other at fashion shows and at parties. I find him to be a really cool and clean hearted guy. He has tremendously good looks. I was extremely happy to know that he was on board. It’s always nice to have actors who actually fit the role and I am happy for him.

How is the music of the film?
The music of the film is going to be fadoo. DJ Aqeel Ali has really stepped up and is amazing as a music director. The film has all sorts of songs. Every musician is attached to that one his/her own instrument be it a guitar or a piano and Aqeel is attached to his headphones. Passion drives his creativity and I wish him all the very best. 

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