Desi meets sassy in this Breach Candy bar

Jun 06, 2014, 09:42 IST | Dhara Vora

With its urban, kitschy interiors and heady cocktails, Breach Candy's newest bar, The Bombay Bronx, has a lot going for it. However, they need to get their food  spot-on for us to give it a double thumbs up

The Bombay Bronx
Food: Can do better
Service: Friendly
Ambiance: Fun

Drinking in Breach Candy meant just one place, The Ghetto. One would otherwise have to head to Fort or Colaba in search of a watering hole. Py Bar made an entry earlier this year, and now, in the same building, The Bombay Bronx has opened its sliding grill entrance.

The interiors have a crazy mix of Mumbai related elements. Pics/Dhara Vora

This is a great place to go on a tipple-friendly first date as the interiors are a definite conversation starter — local train handles above your head, stacks of dabbas under glass tables, quirky Bambaiya quotes on its walls (“Shendi Mat Laga”!) and Amitabh Bachchan from Coolie lounging as a mural. The whole vibe could come across as cool or in your face, depending on your taste. Non-Mumbaikars will have even more fun.

All this was soon forgotten once the cocktails came by with ‘chakhna’ served in paper cones. The Aam Panna Margarita and Iced Peru (these were served to us as complimentary shots, both R350, all prices tax-exclusive) were one of the tastiest concoctions we have had recently. Buoyed, we ordered the Imli Mojito (R350), Pani Puri Caipirojka (R350) and Frozen Peach Daiquiri (R320). The chatpata twist was good, except that the Caipirojka went overboard with the crushed ice.

Dongri Mutton Sandwis was served with Wibs bread-style paper with the bar’s name

The food menu takes Bronx’s Mumbai theme forward, with options such as Raju Straw Chilli Potatoes and Bombay Chicken Pijja. We asked for a Pav Bhaji Sandwis (they spell it ‘rekdiwala’ style, R200) and an intimidating sounding, Dongri Mutton Sandwis (R250). But the fun ended with just the names. The Pav Bhaji Sandwis was bhaji served inside the pav that was an average fare, the city boasts of great Pav Bhajiwalas at every nukkad, served at less than half the price. The mutton sandwich was good though don’t expect generous portions. Next up, Raju Schezwan Chicken (R220) didn’t look appetising and wasn’t tasty as well. The Dhokla Pakoda (R150) fared better than the rest with its soft insides and crispy crust and mint chutney as a dip.

Cocktails come with snacks in paper cones

The owners of The Bombay Bronx have taken an effort with its interiors and quirky menu, but they need to take it a step further with the food and give the street food an upmarket bar twist, and not just serve mediocre versions of what’s available at street side stalls. The perfect location and competitive alcohol prices give them an upper hand, and better food will make it full-to jhakaas!

At First floor, Hub Town (Akriti Sky Bay), Bhulabhai Desai Road, Breach Candy. CALL 9967701666
The Bombay Bronx didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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