"Designer wear should be wearable in daily life"

Sep 04, 2013, 07:06 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Pune's fashionistas are in for a treat as designer Masaba Gupta has launched her latest festive collection in the city. The Guide quizzed her about her inspiration, her fashion journey and her upcoming collection

Fashion designer Masaba Gupta looks radiant when we drop in for a chat. Gupta, who is Fashion Director at Satya Paul and Creative Head and CEO at Masaba, is sitting comfortably on a recliner and answers every question whole-heartedly and with a smile. She has recently launched her festive collection for the first time in the city. Excerpts from the interview:

Designer Masaba Gupta

Tell us about your new festive line.
At the onset of the festive season, I have launched an effervescent and sparkling collection at Rudraksh stores. The apparel boasts of sorbet tones and subtle embroidery, combined with prints. The silhouettes are feminine and elegant yet wearable and affordable, they are perfect for making a statement on every occasion. The apparel have a simple touch to it so that you can wear it on other occasions as well. Considering the monsoon season and the festive season coming together, I have focused on brighter tones. Hopefully, Pune’s fashion lovers will like it. Moreover, Pune is steadily becoming a fashionable city. Women choose to dress elegantly. I have been getting a lot on online orders from small cities like Pune. Hence, I chose to launch my festive collection here.

A saree from her latest collection

What inspires you to come up with a new collection? What’s the thought process behind your designs?
Designing a new line is not a full-fledged thought process for me. If there is something that catches my eyes, it inspires me. I believe that there should be a feel-good element in your clothes and everyone should be able to wear it. What’s the use of a fabric which costs a lot and you cannot even wear it in your daily life. I believe in making something commercial that can be used even in regular life. There is also a strong ‘recall’ element in my designs. I often get inspired by people who are less known for their clothes. For example, I got influenced by the printed and patchy dressing style of the labour class ‘banjarans’ on the streets. To be frank, they make such a strong fashion statement. Look at the colours they flaunt in one outfit and the chunky silver jewellery with a neon dupatta on it! No wonder they have inspired me in many ways. After noticing this, I have started using brighter colours like baby pink, ice blue, and lilac, apart from my regular favorite, black and white.

Saree from Masaba Gupta’s festive collection

Define ‘fashion’ for you.
Fashion is something to have fun with; it’s not to be taken seriously. It will work if you flaunt it fearlessly. I think, you don’t need to match everything to make a fashion statement. A simple denim and white shirt can make you look stunning if you have the confidence to carry it. Also, there is no need of matching things to look good. On the other hand, a mismatch can really do wonders for you. I always think that an unfinished look will look great and bring a different angle to your personality. You can make imperfection as your USP and work with it.

How has your journey been so far? How is it working at Satya Paul?
The journey has been an overwhelming process. I don’t even remember when my clothes became a trend. I would like to thank Sonam Kapoor for choosing my designs and wearing it. She is a fashion icon and I feel delighted that after her appearanes, people have started recognising my work too.
Satya Paul is always ahead of time. In the ‘80s, they had come up with clothes that are in trend now. I have learned a lot from their set-up and working style. They have taught me what a lot we can do with just prints. It has been an immense pleasure and a great working experience.

Who do you think is the best styled in Bollywood?
Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Neha Dhupia and Deepika Padukone are to watch out for. Also, I really want to design something for the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Give us a sneak peek in your upcoming collection.
I may go back to the roots, that is black and white with my upcoming collection. Also, it will have a blend of vintage pieces and jewellery in it.

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