"Despite being a maestro, Rahman is so humble!"

Apr 08, 2013, 00:10 IST | Dhara Vora

It's been almost five years since the release of her last album, Safe Trip Home, and now she is back with, Girl Who Got Away. One of the highest selling and critically acclaimed singers of all times, Dido shares with The Guide, in an email interview, about her new release and her evolution as an artiste

You teamed up with Indian musician AR Rahman for If I Rise. Could you tell us about your experience?
Working with AR Rahman was a fantastic experience. I mean he is a musical genius you know; composing for both Indian and Western music. He is one of the most talented and versatile musicians; he is absolutely dedicated to music and apart from his music what I liked was his sensible and simple attitude to life. Despite being a maestro, he is still so humble! You can learn so much from him as a musician and a human being. While we were working on If I Rise together, I also learnt many things about Indian culture and of course, Indian music. And yes, I would love to work with other artistes.

Singer Dido. Pic/ AFP

Girl Who Got Away has seen you embrace Electro. What led to it? Electronic music seems to have become a favourite with several artistes of late, but you’ve stayed true to your original sound while incorporating few elements as well...

I believe that artistes need to evolve all the time, especially in our music industry. That motivated me to use Electro in the album. I have always loved Electronic music. In my previous albums I was doing Pop and Soft Rock, and I felt that I needed to do something different. I wanted to give my fans something new, something special, which they would like and enjoy. Other artistes are doing it too but I can say one thing for sure — I didn’t use Electro to follow the trend. It came from my heart and the album is very special.

Girl Who Got Away, Dido, Sony Music, Rs499, available at leading music stores.

Have you matured as an artiste over the years?
I believe I have evolved a lot over the period. My previous albums were about the darker side of life. Of course, I enjoyed making those songs and to be honest with you, I am very satisfied with them. It was a time when I was (sort of) lost and uncertain about life. And so, my songs reflected that. But now, I am experiencing the happy side, the brighter side of life and so the new album is more upbeat with different emotions. As you grow older you experience different phases of life that make you look at things differently. This happens to everyone. But for the artistes it’s an advantage. They can turn it into something very creative and beautiful.

Has motherhood played a role in your music since 2011? Is there anything apart from music that has interested you?
It’s a tricky question. Umm…honestly, no. Motherhood has not changed or affected my music in any way. And you know there is a rumour going around that my motherhood had influenced the content of the album, which is just absurd as the original plan was to release it at the end  of 2010.  But yes, Stanley, my son, has affected me in a very distinct way. He has given me a new vision, and new sense. Now I have started seeing and hearing things differently. It’s like me looking through his eyes. It’s so refreshing! And now, apart from my music and touring, I would like to spend a lot of time with Stanley and Rohan (Gavin, her husband). I want to be the best mum.

Any plans of touring India?
As I mentioned earlier, I would love to work with Indian musicians and do gigs in India in the future. But I can’t say for sure whether I would be doing the gigs very soon or not. It actually depends on my schedule which seems very tight right now as I am busy with the new album and the touring for it is all lined up. But I am very optimistic about it.

What next?
…that I haven’t planned yet. You know I am taking my time to enjoy this moment; the success and I also have a tiny little family member to share the joy with. And, it feels amazing. Stanley and me are best companions ever. 

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