Dharam Sandeep break boundaries

May 10, 2012, 07:25 IST | Special Features

As if Dan Dan wasn't enough, music director duo Dharam Sandeep have once again surprised Ram Gopal Varma with their new track titled Ek Do Teen Chaar � Theme of Department, a crazy dub-step. They spoke to CS about the same:

Stylish does it
New styles are making their way into Bollywood everyday and the duo are aware of the need to experiment. They say, “The one trend from the West in recent times has been dub-step. RGV flipped at the idea of trying something new. Dub-step usually is for a very selective audience and hence, to fuse it in the Indian scenario, the track had to be just right. We fused dub-step, rock and breakbeat with a little bit of sound design and some fiery vocals.”

Bang on theme
The Theme of Department sets the tone for what the film is all about. The duo have maintained a flavour of the same genre in the background score as well. “It’s good to see experimentation being accepted in our industry and who better to break trends than RGV. We have tried to break cliches with Ek Do Teen Chaar – Theme of Department. 

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