Dharavi redevelopment to add 15,000 new homes

Sep 21, 2013, 01:49 IST | Varun Singh

After MHADA rehabilitates 9,378 slum-dwellers of Sector V, the remaining space is enough to make nearly 15,000 affordable homes

The redevelopment project for the residents of Sector V of Dharavi will bring good news not only to Dharavi residents, but also to other citizens. Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) has already started work on redevelopment of the land in Sector V, as a part of the Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP).

Of the total 6.2 lakh sq-m in Sector V, 2.32 lakh sq-m is available to MHADA for development. The rest belongs to private parties. With a Floor Space Index (FSI) of 4, MHADA can construct on spaces of 10.8 lakh sq-metres, of which 4.63 sq-metres will be allotted for construction of flats for the rehabilitation of slum-dwellers. This leaves 6.17 lakh sq-metres of space, which is enough for more than 15,000 flats, if each is a 1BHK unit with an area of 425 sq-ft. MHADA may also convert some of the area into commercial units.

Affordable homes
As MHADA has not paid for the land, the 15,000 homes would be affordable. The costs would only include construction costs, rehabilitation costs, and charges for basic amenities.

“It’s a known fact that flats cost more because builders pay a hefty amount to acquire land. Here, the builder, MHADA, is getting the land for free. MHADA will sell the homes at cheaper rates, because we cannot make profits. We will sell at affordable rates,” said a senior MHADA officer.

Satish Gavai, vice president and CEO of MHADA, confirmed that the space left after rehabilitating the slum-dwellers would be sold, but not for profit.

He said, “MHADA has undertaken the redevelopment of Dharavi as a social responsibility. We haven’t yet decided on how we will sell the remaining space, but it would be at affordable rates, as per the policy of MHADA. We want to decongest the area as much as possible. The final decision will be taken after consultation with the Chief Minister.”

Construction work has already begun on an 18-storeyed building with a stilt. With an area of 300 sq-ft per flat, the building is expected to have nearly 356 flats, all of which would be used for rehabilitating slum-dwellers.

2.32 lakh sq mt
Land available for redevelopment

10.8 lakh sq mt
Space that can be created from the above

4.63 lakh sq mt
Space allotted for rehabilitation of slum-dwellers

6.17 lakh sq mt
Space available to MHADA for sale, after rehabilitation of slum-dwellers

What is FSI?
Floor Space Index is the ratio of the total floor area of the building to the area of the land on which the building has been constructed. With an FSI of 4, MHADA can construct space four times the area of the land they are being built on.

How mhada sells flats
MHADA sells flats at affordable rates to low and middle-income groups. Not everyone can buy a flat at these projects. One has to submit an application showing proof of income and other related documents, along with an application form to MHADA. After scrutiny for the eligibility of the submitted applications, the flats are allotted through a lottery system to the short-listed applicants.  

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