Dharavi residents to hold protest for bigger homes

Mar 25, 2013, 19:23 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

After learning that the state government is not paying heed to the demands of Dharavi residents for a 400 square feet house, the Dharavi Bachao Andolan(DBA) on Monday in a meeting that took place in Dharavi have decided that more aggressive protest will be organised in coming days.

Baburao Mane from DBA said, "Dharavi residents are law abiding and in the past we have been requesting that government should give us 400 square feet houses against the 300 square feet houses which the government is planning to give us.

"We have already conducted hunger strike but it seems that the government is not at all concerned about the Dharavi residents. In order to voice our demand we will soon plan a bigger protest so that government takes a note about our demands."

More than 100 people from various political parties from Dharavi attended the meeting. "All the political parties from Dhravi have the same demand but still the government is not paying attention. The local elected representatives are also not supporting us in our andolan." Alleged Mane.

It should be noted that in the past the DBA had even protested several times against the redevelopment started in sector-5 by MHADA. It should be noted that MHADA had started the construction work in sector-5 as a pilot project.

Last year end a delegation of Senior Sena Leader Subhash Desai along with few members from DBA met MHADA vice President Satish Gavai and had even discussed matter with him but till date nothing concrete solution on the same has been obtained.

It should be noted that members of DBA had been saying that they will not allow MHADA to start the work unless it promises them a 400 square feet house. However police force has been increased near the sector-5 so that the ongoing construction work is not hampered.

MHADA has already made it clear that giving a 400 square feet house is an unrealistic demand which cannot be fulfilled and so MHADA even decided that it will take help of police officials if the members from DBA try to create problem while carrying out the construction activity.

At present government has decided to give 300 square feet house to Dharavi residents.The local residents’ have also been saying that state government is going to earn a huge amount of revenue by selling the commercial area which it will get after doing the redevelopment and so they want government to give 400 square feet house to all residents.

Members of the group also allege that the survey conducted by an architect from the MHADA was flawed, and lacks precise data of the residents. On a pilot basis MHADA will be developing 153 acre sector-5 adjoining to sion and BKC.

According to the survey conducted by MHADA, 65 thousand people are eligible to get a house but the DBA residents allege that 1.20 lakh residents are eligible which is twice the MHADA figure.

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