Dial C for challenge: mid-day's election ambassador Girish Gogia

Apr 22, 2014, 07:33 IST | Girish Gogia

Girish Gogia became 90 per cent paralysed after a diving accident in Goa. Today, this Mumbai resident is a wheelchair user, but has never missed an opportunity to vote, being carried by a team of people to the poll booth

There are the three Ps which assume importance when a national election looms. This is not the Ps that stand for pious platitudes uttered by our leaders. Instead, they are prosperity, progressive and positive.

Prosperity not just in the conventional sense but a richness of thoughts and ideas. That is what the people must display.

Girish Gogia
Girish Gogia is mid-day’s election ambassador

Exercising our franchise is of paramount importance and we should know how to harness and use this great power. Now is the time for action, now is the time for a positive change, now is the time to vote, we are the change, we are the change makers.

As Indians we don’t have to be great to start, but we have to start to be great. A billion of us are here, we are the largest democracy in the world and that itself, is tremendous power and potential, if we know how to harness it.

The mightiest enemy we all face or deal with in life is ourselves and our apathy to vote. Our ballot has the power and wisdom to turn a mess into a message, trial into triumph, test into testimony and a victim into a victor. We have got to be the change we wish to see in the world.

If he can, why can’t you? Vote!

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