Did rappers Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah get into scuffle?

Mar 25, 2016, 14:00 IST | Gaurav Dubey

Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah apparently indulged in some old-fashioned shoving and pushing at a private party

Best buddies-turned-bitter foes Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah have been locked in a verbal duel since last week. While the former compared himself to luxury four-wheeler brand Rolls Royce and tagged his ex Mafia Mundeer collaborator as the low-cost Nano (Read more), Badshah slammed Yo Yo by calling him "a nobody" and added "Nano is one car which is more seen on the roads unlike the posh Rolls-Royce and whatever is seen in the public eye, sells more."

Yo Yo Honey Singh (left) and Badshah
Yo Yo Honey Singh (left) and Badshah

The war of words, we hear, are a fallout of an alleged altercation between the rappers at a private party in Delhi nearly a fortnight ago. Says a source, "They were attending a common friend's bash a couple of weeks ago and happened to cross paths. The tension in the air was palpable. As luck would have it, they had a heated exchange and got into a scuffle. They shoved and pushed each other, forcing a few guests to intervene."

While Badshah remained unavailable for comment, Yo Yo Honey Singh's spokesperson denies the news and adds, "Honey is busy doing shows in Mumbai and Dubai. He hasn’t attended or been to any party at all. His biggest international performance happened today."

However, a source close to them says, "The fight took place after they passed unpleasant remarks at each other. We are not sure who provoked whom first. They got violent all of a sudden and charged at each other. We had a tough time pulling them apart since they were not ready to budge."

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