Did Sanju and RGV have a fall out?

Apr 09, 2012, 08:38 IST | Hiren Kotwani

Pointing at Ram Gopal Varma's absence during the shoot of some of Sanjay Dutt's scenes for their cop film, sources hint at a fall-out between the former buddies over creative differences

Fifteen years after their last collaboration, Ram Gopal Varma and Sanjay Dutt are teaming up once again, this time for their upcoming action drama.

However, buzz is that the two may not work together again, in the near future, including in the director’s new venture on the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. Besides, the filmmaker is not keen to associate with the corporate company that’s also presenting and co-producing the film.

A well-placed source associated with the film tells us that from the time the film was planned, Dutt was against RGV’s idea on shooting it on a 5D camera, like his previous venture, Not A Love Story.

“Sanjay’s apprehensions were further confirmed when the result of his sequence at an Irani café didn’t come out as good as expected,” recalls our source, adding that the scene was re-shot recently. “And that too in RGV’s absence,” our source points out.

Further, it is learnt that when the corporate company tried interfering in the creative aspect of the film, RGV was surprised that Dutt went along with their suggestions, even though he disagreed.

“On his part, Ramu incorporated their inputs. And despite the initial plan of shooting an item song with Madhu Shalini, he had to instead shoot with Nathalia Kaur at Sanjay’s behest,” said our source, adding that the corporate presenter’s decision to outsource the cutting of promos was the final straw.

Dharam Oberoi, one of the film’s producers and Sanjay’s business manager, states, “There’s no problem at all. Ramu has called all the shots. It’s going to mark his comeback to hard-hitting films.”

All’s well?
As for creative interferences and differences, Oberoi maintained that every actor gives inputs in the film’s best interests. “Other actors like Akshay Kumar too give their inputs. So if Sanju has given any suggestion, it’s only because he also wants to ensure that the film turns out as best as possible,” he asserted.

RGV, however, said that he shares a terrific equation with the corporate’s head, Vikram Malhotra and his team. “I’m extremely happy with the way they are designing the campaign,” he says.

As for the alleged differences with Sanjay, he maintains, “I highly respect him, both on a personal and professional level and we’re planning another film very soon.”  

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