Did Sugandha Mishra walk out of 'Indian Mazak League'?

Jul 06, 2016, 11:08 IST | Letty Mariam Abraham

Sugandha Mishra backs out of a comedy show, leaving makers upset; she claims there was no official deal

Looks like upcoming comedy show, Indian Mazak League (IML), is courting controversy even before it hits the tube. Comedian-singer Sugandha Mishra, who was to be part of team Punjab has quit, leaving the makers in the lurch.

Sugandha Mishra
Sugandha Mishra

Says a source, “The shooting of the show is to begin on July 10 and Sugandha was part of team Punjab captained by Chandan Prabhakar. But she walked out of the show without notice. She had signed the contract as well. The channel now has to find her replacement at the last minute.”

When contacted, Sugandha insisted that she is yet to sign the contract with the channel. “I haven’t signed a contract with them as yet. We discussed things verbally and I was trying to sort out my dates. They (the makers) wanted 25 days at a stretch for rehearsals plus a day of shoot which I couldn’t commit to due to prior assignments,” she explains.

Sugandha also says that she had blocked dates for The Voice India six months ago; she also features in The Kapil Sharma Show regularly. Therefore, compromising on the two for the sake of another show was not an option.

Was there a conflict of interest because she would be part of two rival channels? “The timing for both shows is different, so the channel didn’t have a problem with me doing Kapil’s show. IML was giving me a four-episode guarantee. But with little visibility and so many days of shooting, it didn’t suit me. I told them I wouldn’t be able to do it. But, they are insisting that I do at least one episode.”

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