Did these three men murder stockbroker for Jain idol?

Apr 04, 2013, 06:25 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Cops have released sketches of suspects who allegedly killed the Borivli resident; cops say except the Panchdhatu statue, nothing of value was missing from the house

A 50-year-old stockbroker was murdered by three unidentified men in Borivli (West) on Tuesday evening. Police said the deceased, Vijay Vora, might have known the accused. Interestingly, only a sacred idol was stolen from a makeshift temple inside the three- bedroom house. The offenders also broke and took away a part of an appendage to the statue.

Vijay Vora Pallavi Vora
Vijay Vora had moved into his new residence with wife Pallavi just four months ago

Vora resided with his wife Pallavi (46) at Adheshwar Dham on SV Road Borivali west. The police said couple had great emotional attachment with the idol made of Panchdhatu (alloy of five metals), which they had brought home from a Jain temple some 15 years ago. Borivli police officials said the couple had moved into their new residence just four months back. They used to live in a proximate area for the last 15 years. Cops said the idol had great significance in the family’s life, and many people used to visit their home just to pray to it.

Cops have prepared sketches of three suspects based on the description provided by the building’s watchman, who said the trio came to the premises that evening on the pretext of going to a flat next to Vora’s. Pics/Nayan Sahane

According a source from the Borivli police station, the couple had a trusty watchman name Bhimsingh at their previous residence, who had been with them for several years. He used to visit them at their new home every morning to pay his respects to the statue. On Tuesday morning, Bhimsingh had brought a friend along. Cops say the murder took place in the evening, and within a few hours the watchman’s friend left Mumbai for Jaipur. A police team has been dispatched to the Pink City.

“My brother was very spiritual and emotionally attached to the idol. He would pray for two hours in the morning and then carry out his business over the phone,” said Sanjay Vora, the victim’s brother. Close friend Bipin, the last person Vijay spoke to, said, “He used to call me every day. On Tuesday too he called me in the afternoon, which was routine.”

In a matter of hours
Around 4.30 pm, the domestic help Raju left the house. He told police later that Vora was asleep at the time. Wife Pallavi had gone shopping to Crawford market. She called her husband at about 8 pm, but there was no response.

Pallavi reached home around 9.30 pm and found her husband still alive, but unconscious. She screamed for help and neighbours took the victim to Karuna hospital, where he was declared dead. Police said there were no external injuries, but it looked like he had had a struggle with the accused.

Police inspector Ravi Adane said, “Prima facie it appears the murder took place between 4.30 pm and 8 pm. According to the building register, three came in the evening on the pretext of going to flat number 401. Vora lived in 402. On the basis of the description provided by the building watchman’s, we have prepared sketches of three suspects and are investigating further.”

“He had no rivalry with anyone. Also, except the idol nothing of value is missing from the house,” said Sanjay Vora. He added that his sister-in-law Pallavi is in great shock. “We know we have lost a family member, but we need the idol back at any cost. Pallavi has not touched any food,” he said. Another family member said, “The idol is very old and has great value. Someone must have realised its worth.”

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