Diesel adulteration activitiesnot lucrative in Pune any more

Feb 14, 2013, 07:56 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Food distribution dept is yet to receive complaints after Union Petroleum Ministry brought price of light diesel oil, commonly used as an adulterant, at par with diesel

The Food Distribution Department in the city, which also looks into incidents of chemical adulteration of petroleum products, has observed a remarkable reduction in diesel adulteration practices since the beginning of the year.

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Adulteration practices became pointless after the Union Petroleum Ministry hiked the price of Light Diesel Oil (a substance commonly used to adulterate diesel) and brought the price at par with the current diesel cost. Consequently, the department has not been receiving any complaints of diesel adulteration in Pune division since the last month. 

“We inspect a particular petrol pump after a complaint comes in and then send suspected samples to the forensic laboratory. However, since the beginning of the New Year, we have not received a single complaint of diesel adulteration,” said Food Distribution officer Dnyaneshwar Jawanjal.

He added that this change was seen particularly since the last month, when the Union Petroleum Ministry announced an increase in prices of Light Diesel Oil (substance commonly used to adulterate diesel) and brought the price on par with the current diesel cost.

“As these malpractices with diesel are no longer affordable due to increased cost of LDO, diesel adulteration activities have reduced,” Jawanjal said.

Their side of story
Reacting on the issue, spokesperson for the Petrol and Diesel Association of Maharashtra, Ali Daruwalla, said that the current price of Light Diesel Oil is Rs 53 per litre. The price earlier was Rs 30.

“LDO is basically a sub-standard chemical that can easily be used to adulterate diesel. However, when the price was brought on par with diesel, which is currently Rs 53.64 per litre, adulteration does not seem lucrative for those indulging in such practices,” Daruwalla said.

He added that along with the LDO price being brought on par with diesel, kerosene, which was also being used for adulteration, is now being distributed through the Public Distribution System. “Kerosene being brought in is tracked at the District Collectorate and this deters chances of it being used asan adulterant. All these factors have contributed to the reduction in diesel adulteration in the city,” said Daruwalla.  

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