Different blasts, indifferent words

Sep 08, 2011, 07:39 IST | Team MiD DAY

Yet another blast, same old cliches. A flashback at how our leading politicians sound like broken records each time our country sheds blood

Yet another blast, same old cliches. A flashback at how our leading politicians sound like broken records each time our country sheds blood 

India, the world's largest democracy, has been an eyesore in the eyes of several terrorist organisations. It has time and again been attacked by both inbred terrorists and from those across its borders.

Lives have been lost, multi-crore losses have been borne, and several scars have been left on the fabric of the country. However, the attacks have not stopped,  but have only increased.

Triple attack: Three bombs went off in crowded localities during the
evening rush hour at Opera House, Zaveri Bazaar and Dadar on July 13, 2011

The methods have evolved, the devices have changed, and the casualties have increased, but the political leadership and the security forces have not evolved one bit.

It appears that except the dates and venues of the attacks nothing else seems to change for the terror-ravaged country. Minutes after a terror attack, be it in Mumbai or any other part of the country, the political class has forever used the same verbatim words to condemn the attacks. And these have been mere words, repeated by the same leaders over and over again, and one leader after the other.

Union Home Ministers, Prime Ministers have through the years been repeating the fact that they have received regular inputs and terror alerts and they have been passing it on to the respective state ministers. However, nothing has been done to prevent any of these attacks.

In the past six years, more than 600 people have been killed and hundreds maimed and devastated in terror strikes in India. But all we get from the leaders are the same old words.

It's only words... And words are all we have...

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Sept 7, Delhi High Court blast
This is a cowardly act of terrorist nature. we will deal with it. we will never succumb to the pressure of terrorism. This is a long war in which all political parties, all the people of India have to stand united so that the scourge of terrorism is crushed.

July 13, 2011 Triple blasts in Mumbai
I strongly condemn the bomb blasts in Mumbai this evening... I appeal to the people of Mumbai to remain calm and show a united face

April 2009, Guwahati
Such violent acts only harm the lives of innocent people. The prime minister grieves over the loss of lives and sends condolences to the families of the grieved

October 29, 2005, New Delhi
These are dastardly acts of terrorism. we shall defeat their nefarious designs and will not allow them to succeed. We are resolute in our commitment to fighting terrorism in all forms.

Sept 8, 2006, Malegaon
Prime Minister condemned the blasts and appealed for calm.

March 7, 2006, Varanasi
Prime Minister denounced the bombing and appealed for peace and calm.

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram

Sept 7, 2011, New Delhi,
Intelligence pertaining to threats emanating from certain groups was shared with Delhi Police in July. At this state, it is not possible to identify the group that caused the bomb blast

July 13, 2011, Mumbai
After 26/11, Mumbai is reasonably secure. Only one terror attack happened in the country, in Feb 2010 in Pune, since then.
Feb 13, 2010, Pune German bakery blast
This is a sad event. Significant terrorist incident after 14 months

Home Minister RR Patil

July 2006 Train blasts, Mumbai
Not only the state intelligence failed, but also the Intelligence Bureau, which comes under the Centre

Nov 26, 2008: Mumbai
Bade shahar mein ek-adh hadsa ho jata hai

Feb 13, 2010 Pune German bakery blast
It will not be right for me to share information at this
stage, as it could hamper investigations

Other blasts

>> Assam, October 30, 2008: At least 45 killed (figure can change) and over 100 injured in 18 terror bombings across Assam.

>> Imphal, October 21, 2008: 17 killed in a powerful blast near Manipur Police Commando complex.

>> Kanpur, October 14, 2008: Eight people injured after bomb planted on a rented bicycle went off Colonelganj market.

>> Malegaon, Maharashtra, Sept 29, 2008: Five people died after a bomb kept in a motorbike went off in a cro>> ded market.

>> Modasa, Gujarat, September 29 2008: One killed and several injured after a low-intensity bomb kept on a motorcycle went off near a mosque.

>> New Delhi, September 27, 2008: Three people killed after a crude bomb was thrown in a busy market in Mehrauli.

>> New Delhi, September 13, 2008: 26 people killed in six blasts across the city.

>> Ahmedabad, July 26, 2008: 57 people killed after 20-odd synchronised bombs went off within less than two hours.

>> Bangalore, July 25, 2008: One person killed in a low-intensity bomb explosion.

>> Jaipur, May 13, 2008: 68 people killed in serial bombings.

>> Hyderabad, August 25, 2007: 42 people killed in two blasts, at a popular eatery and a public park.

>> Samjhauta Express, February 19, 2007: 66 people killed after two firebombs went off on the India-Pakistan friendship train.

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