Dim sum and a special story

Jan 25, 2015, 07:30 IST | Anu Prabhakar

Chef Wei Ji Lu, the Dim Sum Chef at Taj Lands End’s Ming Yang, talks about how his mother added her own touch to prawns and water chestnut dumpling

Chef Wei Ji Lu of Taj Lands End’s restaurant Ming Yang has a nostalgic tale to narrate while talking about his favourite food.

Chef Wei Ji Lu
Chef Wei Ji Lu

The Dim Sum Chef loves prawn and chestnut dimsums, mainly thanks to his mother. “While there are a number of dim sums which I love, this particular dim sum is very close to my heart and reminds me of home,” says the chef, who was born and raised in Zhaoquing city, in the southern region of China. “As a child my mother used to prepare this dish for my siblings and me, with a special rose made solely of the dim sum dough, just to add that little special touch,” he adds.

Prawn and Waterchestnut dumpling

Prawn and Waterchestnut dumpling
>> 7 gm wheat flour
>> 4 gm potato flour
>> 20 gm prawn
>> 3 ml spinach juice
>> 3 gm waterchestnut
>> 2 gm coriander
>> Salt to taste
>> Pepper to taste

>> Make dough with the wheat flour and potato flour with a little water
>> Chop waterchestnut and coriander
>> Stir fry prawns in a wok, cool and chop
>> Mix with the rest of the ingredients and season with salt and pepper
>> Roll out the dough and stuff the mixture and give the desired shape
>> Steam till cooked and serve

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