Dip, decorate and indulge

Jun 02, 2013, 05:49 IST | Moeena Halim

Learn the art of chocolate dipping with The Cocoa Tree's Chef Kevin Zhang at Godrej Nature's Basket today

Singapore-based Chef Kevin Zhang is in town with the chocolate dipping concept he popularised three years ago. The former Godiva chocolatier, who has been part of The Cocoa Tree family for the past seven years now, will conduct a workshop to spill the (cocoa) beans about using simple dipping ingredients such as fruits or biscuits to create delectable desserts.

Singapore-based Chef Kevin Zhang will  give tips on chocolate dipping techniques using fruits and biscuits

During the interactive session, he will also offer tips on decorating chocolates and making the sinful treats at home. The chef, who loves to indulge himself with a dose of pure chocolate (“the bitterer the better”), says is safe to serve a mixture of chocolate flavours while hosting guests at home. “You might not know the type your guest likes. But you may find that they love them all,” says Zhang. “While the easiest way out would be to buy a box of mixed flavour chocolates, if you prefer to make chocolates at home choose plain chocolate and melt it at home using hot steam to melt it and start your own creation,” he says.

Each chocolate piece or flavour tells a story of how to enjoy it, believes the chocolate connoisseur. “Pure or dark chocolate goes perfectly with coffee, wine or tea. Besides, it is the best way to indulge cocoa aroma compared to milk and white chocolates,” he adds.

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