Director Amrit Sagar's rave party nightmare

May 29, 2012, 08:56 IST | The Hitlist Team

Director Amrit Sagar, who was rounded up by the police from a supposed rave party at a suburban hotel last week, is annoyed that the incident has completely spoilt his plans


He was supposed to start work on a film starring Paresh Rawal and Arshad Warsi last week, but has had to postpone it to mid-June. He minced no words when talking about, “being at the wrong place at the wrong time,” and pegs his loss at Rs 20 lakh.

Interestingly, the Sagar scion is also struck with the irony of being honoured and miffed by two different Patils. While President Pratibha Patil presented him with the award for his film on Bangladesh liberation war, Vishwas Nagre Patil is the cop who arrested him along with others at the Juhu hotel! 

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