Dirty water, dusty enclosures plague Byculla Zoo

May 26, 2013, 01:06 IST | Apeksha Srivastava

A week after MiD DAY reported the pitiable condition of animals and birds at the Jijamata Udyan, the situation hasn't changed at all

The authorities at Byculla Zoo (Jijamata Udyan) do not seem to care much about the captive animals under their shelter. A week after MiD DAY wrote about the pitiable condition of animals at the zoo (‘Animals at Byculla Zoo get fresh water only once a week,’) a visit to the zoo showed that the situation hadn’t changed.

Birds are not provided with adequate clean drinking water; the animals’ dusty enclosures emanate a foul smell. Pics/Pradeep Dhivar

The animals are still not being provided clean drinking water. The condition of the zoo has improved neither for the animals nor for the visitors.Most of the animals’ enclosures are not provided with adequate clean drinking water.

The animals look pale and hungry and are kept in enclosures that do not resemble their natural habitat, which is an important factor for the healthy survival of captive animals. When asked about the abysmal conditions, a care taker at the zoo said, “During the summer season, animals suffer, as it is very hot. But we do give them water twice a day.”

The metal used to build the enclosure for the monkeys had almost eroded. As the construction material lies unattended within the zoo premises, the winds carry lighter materials to the enclosures making them grimy and dusty. The enclosures are not only empty but are also unclean and emanate a foul smell.

The zoo does not allow visitors to carry water bottles inside. In this season, with soaring temperatures, the need for drinking water is immense. However, the provision made for drinking water by the zoo authorities is poor.

They have provided only a small tap in a corner with broken structures. As glasses aren’t provided, visitors have to use their hands to drink water. Despite repeated attempts Dr Sanjay Tripathi, veterinary doctor of Byculla Zoo, remained unavailable for comment.

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