Discover the actor in you

Aug 23, 2012, 09:36 IST | Soma Das

Theatre isn't just about play acting and the mind, there is also an intense physical aspect to it.

Towards this end, Faezeh Jalali (co-founder of FAT Productions), who has studied the art in the USA, will be conducting a physical theatre workshop in the city. It will focus on the work of Rudolph Laban who is considered a pioneer of modern dance in Europe.

His work laid the foundations for the Laban Movement Analysis creating a movement vocabulary that leads to a deeper understanding of one’s body and of human movement and can help develop the story-telling process.

With Laban’s work, an actor / dancer can break down a movement into its component parts for cleaner and more precise execution. Participants will use the techniques and apply them to create, explore and discover characters and scenes in depth and with precision.

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