'Disgruntled' man sledgehammers own BMW over quality problems!

Sep 19, 2013, 12:50 IST | ANI

A man, who was fed up of his 100,000-pound BMW M6's faults and bad customer service, smashed up his car with a sledgehammer and axe at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show

Iranian-born Pourmohseni Hadi and his pal Thomas Brunner were caught destroying the black BMW on camera, Metro.co.uk reported.

Hadi, who lives in Italy, said that he was so frustrated with his luxury German car since buying it in 2008, that he staged a protest by smashing up the car outside the world’s biggest motor show.

According to a German newspaper, Hadi complained of persistent problems with the car including vibrations, rattling and shifting jolts during gear changes.

Hadi has also claimed that he had taken the car to a number of Italian BMW workshops, but all of them failed to fix it.

Hadi added that he hacked down the car because he had sent a letter, detailing the problems with the car, to BMW, but he had not heard back from them.  

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